Meet Michelle

Headshot of Michelle Rittler, founder of Taste As You Go

Photo by Erica Carryl | Vine & Branch Photography

Welcome to Taste As You Go!

My name is Michelle and this blog has seen me through many chapters of my life. When I launched Taste As You Go in 2008, I was in a long-term, long-distance relationship and living/working in New York City. I started blogging to share my love for food and my passion for cooking with others through stories.

In the years since:
  • I lost my job in 2009 after the stock market crash and spent a few months unemployed in the city.
  • I got a dream job and worked for my dream company in their New York office.
  • got engaged and moved to the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania in 2011.
  • My husband and I got married in my hometown in Connecticut in 2012.
  • Four months later, I said goodbye to my steady paycheck and started my career as a freelance writer and photographer.
  • We became parents to a beautiful baby girl in 2015.
  • I stopped freelancing and went back to work full-time in 2016.
  • Our family grew by one when we welcomed our son in 2017.
  • We relocated to Connecticut in 2018 after I accepted a new job in the Litchfield County area. 
  • I took a new job at my alma mater in 2023, and our family moved again... this time, into our forever home. 

As you can imagine, the content of Taste As You Go has shifted as the trajectory of my life has shifted. When I left the city, I went out to eat less and less, so I only shared restaurant reviews sporadically and ramped up the number of recipes I was posting. With two young kids, we're lucky if we go out for a meal by ourselves once a month. And now, cooking for the blog doesn't happen as often as it used to. Devoting my time to my family is a bigger priority these days, and you can find most of my new content over here.

I've been toying with the idea of rebranding this space for a long time. There's just so much I want to share outside of recipes. But I haven't figured out the best way to do that yet.

Fairfield County Family Photo Shoot | Photo by Erica Carryl of Vine & Branch Photography

Photo by Erica Carryl | Vine & Branch Photography

There are amazing bloggers/parents out there who seem to do it all (and I'm in awe of them). Until I find the right next step for this space, I'll just continue doing my best... and I'll be grateful for those of you who manage to stumble across the blog when I do share new content.

Thanks for stopping by!