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What's for Dinner: February 28 - March 6

* image I've been feeling a lot of tension in my shoulders lately. And, based on the state of my mouth guard, I'm assuming I'm grinding my teeth more than usual at night. So, I've been trying to show myself some grace and to focus more on filling my cup . But giving myself permission to slow down and actually being able to do it are two different things. I'm learning that acknowledging I need rest or space or quiet isn't enough. And even verbalizing those needs to others isn't enough... My words have been falling on deaf ears. (My eyes are actually welling up as I write this...) I know I should continue to push for what I need. But, honestly, I don't want to risk yet another reminder that no one is listening. My cup is almost empty and I'm not sure what another disappointment might do to my spirit. So I'm going to keep my head down and try and find comfort in the routine. Maybe I'll make another cup of coffee... Hopefully, things will get bet

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