Sunday, February 7, 2016

Life + Technology: Testing the HTC One Max for Verizon Wireless

I've partnered with Verizon Wireless of the Philadelphia Tri-State Region to see how certain devices operating on Verizon's 4G LTE network enhance my day-to-day life, both as a food blogger and as a new mom.

In continuation with my partnership with Verizon Wireless of the Philadelphia Tri-State Region, I've spent some time testing another mobile device that operates on their 4G LTE network (known as the "fastest and most reliable in the U.S.") to determine how the right device could enhance my day-to-day life. Most of my previous reviews focused on the ways I used mobile technology in conjunction with my blogging endeavors, but I've recently started considering how these devices help me navigate the unpredictable world of parenthood.

For the most part, Caroline is continuing to develop by leaps and bounds. It seems as if she's learning a new skill every day, and she loves showing us all of the new things that she can do. Crawling is still her preferred method of getting from Point A to Point B, but cruising comes in as a close second. It's only a matter of time until she becomes more comfortable on her feet and starts walking.

Naturally, her being mobile makes it much harder to take photos with my Nikon because the moment I want to capture has usually passed by the time I retrieve the camera from its spot on the bookcase. Having a reliable mobile device within easy reach is ideal in situations like these. Unfortunately, the HTC One Max fell short of my expectations.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How To: Make and Freeze Homemade Baby Food {Butternut Squash Purée}

Because of its naturally mild yet subtly sweet flavor, butternut squash is a great choice when it comes time to introduce vegetables into your baby's diet.

I can hardly believe it, but Caroline has been eating solid foods for six months now. When she fought us on eating cereal, part of me worried that she was showing early signs that she'd be a picky eater. Looking back on her introduction to solids, though, all I can do is laugh.

The kid is a vacuum. She will eat anything we offer to her (praise!) and will open her mouth like a little birdie if she sees either one of us eating something that she doesn't have in front of her. Now that she's more comfortable with feeding herself, mealtime is much more interesting.

Especially for Monty.

Despite her voracious appetite, though, she's still a little peanut, and we've been working with her pediatrician to try and figure out why she's having trouble gaining weight.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Month of Dinners: Menu Plan for February

In an attempt to make my life a little easier, I'm planning all of our dinners for February at once.

On top of dealing with teething pain, poor Caroline spent the better part of last week fighting a cold. A trip to her pediatrician's office revealed that she was also fighting a double ear infection. Understandably, she alternated between periods of normalcy and periods of extreme fussiness that no amount of cuddling could cure.

Yesterday was the first day that she wasn't a drippy mess (thank goodness for these), so we bundled her up and spent the morning running errands around town. She also felt well enough to keep me company in the kitchen while I baked cookies and then logged a thousand laps around the island as she tried to convince the dog to stop running away from her. I'm so relieved that she's feeling better.

Taking care of a sick baby kept me pretty occupied over the past several days, so I've been scrambling a bit to catch up. It wasn't until late last night that I realized I hadn't written my menu plan post for February yet. Thankfully, I remembered just before closing my laptop for the night, so it's coming to you guys on time after all.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Cachette Bistro & Creperie - Bethlehem, PA

This French-style bistro and creperie sits in the heart of the Historic District in downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

I can remember a time, not too long ago, when the reality of blizzard dumping nearly three feet of snow outside meant dealing with one inconvenience after another -- cancelled plans, inevitable delays and service interruptions on mass transit, numb hands and feet that take hours to regain feeling... the list goes on and on.

This past weekend, however, I found myself looking forward to being snowed in because I wanted to -- no, needed to -- take a break from my to-do list. I've been exhausting myself trying to stay on track with my personal goals and working to find purpose, but, so far, the results have been frustrating.

Allowing myself some time to reset mentally was just what I needed. First thing on Saturday morning, we bundled up and played in the snow for a little while before it got too deep. Then we went back inside, got back into our pajamas, and warmed up with a lots of coffee and a delicious breakfast that used up the collection of leftover vegetables we had in the refrigerator.

It set the stage for a fantastically relaxing day.

And, while I didn't mind the snow at all, I couldn't help but think ahead to spring and being able to enjoy brunch al fresco again, as we've done on multiple occasions at Cachette Bistro & Creperie in downtown Bethlehem.