Thursday, October 26, 2017

How to Make Banana Purée for Babies {and Some Thoughts about Motherhood}

When introducing fresh fruit into your baby's diet, bananas are a great choice for a first fruit. because they're rich in potassium, and their natural sweetness is especially pleasing to the young palate.

I've been trying to write this blog post for a long time. Not so much the part about turning fresh bananas into homemade baby food. That part writes itself. I'm talking about the narrative... the part that makes it personal... the part that gives this website a pulse.

Writer's block crippled me every time I tried to find a starting point. This type of thing tends to happen when I want to share something I've been keeping close to my chest. I want to tell my story, but I am so fearful of the judgment that may result. I just have to have faith that what I have to say will resonate with people in a positive way more than a negative one.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Personalize Your Space with Modern Map Art

Turn your favorite cities and places into beautiful works of art with Modern Map Art.

Ever since I relocated to Pennsylvania from New York, I've been somewhat hesitant to hang art of any kind on our walls. A part of me didn't want to decorate a home that was more his than ours. Another part didn't know how to choose what type of art to buy... especially given that our tastes are generally different.

I thought I solved the problem when we ordered wedding photos. But those came down when we had the living room walls repainted and then we never put them back up. (Neither one of us wanted to put holes in the fresh paint.)

Eventually, I abandoned the idea of hanging art and focused on decorating other spaces. Like my office nook (here and here). Or the ladder bookshelf purchased after we downgraded from our bulky bookcase. Adding accents to the smaller spaces felt manageable and didn't induce stress. But the empty walls started mocking me... They were screaming for a pop of color.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Month of Dinners: Menu Plan for October

In an attempt to make my life a little easier, I'm planning all of our dinners for September at once.


Well, this went about as expected. I wrote a blog post. I went back to work. Then I disappeared for a month.

I didn't intend to stay away from you this long. In fact, I had grand plans to share a lot of stories with you. Stories about my feelings about returning to work... about adjusting to life as a mom who works outside of the home... about trying to achieve balance without completely exhausting myself.

But the transition has been a tough one, especially since I've been putting in more long days than usual. I've found myself keeping the kids up a little later than their bedtimes so I can have more time with them. For Caroline, that means more stories and many more hugs and kisses. For Jonathan, that means longer snuggles after nursing.

It means less time for other things, but I need that time with them. It helps lessen the stabbing mom guilt I experience when I'm away from them.

Friday, September 1, 2017

A Month of Dinners: Menu Plan for September

In an attempt to make my life a little easier, I'm planning all of our dinners for September at once.

Photo by Beto Galetto on Unsplash

The weather is getting cooler. My social media feeds are full of first-day-of-school photos. Pumpkin-spice everything is starting to appear on grocery store shelves. Summer is nearly over, and we have no choice but to begin the transition to fall.

At the same time, I'll also be heading back to work after my time at home with the new baby. I wish I could have more time with Jonathan, especially considering everything that happened leading up to his early arrival. But I have to admit I'm a little relieved that we'll be returning to a somewhat regular routine. Just now I'll be playing the part of a full-time working mom who works outside the home.