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One of the most sacred times during any visit with my boyfriend is Sunday morning, when we can enjoy being lazy until our growling stomachs tell us otherwise. Our laziness is typically paired with a late brunch at one of our go-to spots in the Lehigh Valley. On the last several trips I've made down to Pennsylvania, we've chosen the Blue Sky Cafe to satisfy our cravings.

What I love about the Blue Sky Cafe is the menu. While you'll certainly find your traditional breakfast fare in the form of French toast, pancakes, and omelettes, you also find those dishes prepared in a way you might not expect. For example, you can order French toast as a Single Piece ($1.95), a Short Stack ($3.50), or a Full Stack ($4.75). Top any of those with fresh fruit for an extra $1.50. Or, if you're feeling more adventurous and you want to give your tastebuds an experience they'll never forget, you can order the Banana Bourbon French Toast, with chocolate chips ($7.50) or without ($6.75), or the Sweet Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast topped with Fresh Fruit and Whipped Cream ($6.75), which Stephen has ordered before. All are delicious. (The last two are just as sweet as they sound, so if you order either of them, be sure to also request some water!)

Knowing that Stephen will usually lean toward the French toast or the Buttermilk Pancakes, I usually order a dish with eggs. I absolutely love the Charlotte (Bacon with Red and Green Peppers, Onions, and Tomato topped with Cheddar Jack Cheese, $6.95). All of those mouth-watering ingredients are mixed together with homefries and eggs, if desired, cooked-to-order. It's right around the time my breakfast comes out that Stephen realizes he should have ordered the same thing.

However, in our last visit to the Blue Sky Cafe, in honor of fall, I ordered something I had never had before -- the Sweet Potato Quesadilla ($6.95), topped with scrambled eggs and black bean salsa. The menu says it's an "all time favorite," and I can understand why! The creamy sweet potato puree in between the tortillas is balanced against the salsa, which has a bite of a bite thanks to the onions. While I opted against sour cream (I'm not a huge fan of it), Stephen thought it would have added a whole new level to the flavor. And, as we devoured our meals, we wondered whether we could replicate the quesadilla at tailgates. Alas, an experiment that will have to be carried out at the next home football game up at Goodman Stadium.

So, if you're in the Lehigh Valley and are looking for a new brunch place, I earnestly suggest the Blue Sky Cafe. And don't get discouraged if there's a wait for a table when you get there, especially during peak brunch hours. The wait is definitely worth it.

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Zesty Cook said…
Hey Michelle,

Sounds amazing. Nice pick on the sweet potato quesadilla.... I am glad you had a good weekend!
Zesty - Yes, I had a great weekend. Perfect weather for watching a football game, time with friends, and lots of delicious food!
Matt Casey said…
Sounds like a tasty quesadilla! I only went to Blue Sky a few times when I was there, though it was always good. I guess I just didn't get up early enough for breakfast that often :)
Matt - It really was delicious. Though, I wish I could have eaten more of it! I only managed two of the four pieces because I stuffed myself full of their homefries before digging into the quesadilla. ;-)

And you don't have to get up early for breakfast. Stephen and I sometimes don't get there until after noon, and they're still serving brunch!