Cooking Classes at Manducatis Rustica


Faye Delicious, a local NYC chef who typically teaches cooking in Italy, will be hosting cooking classes at Manducatis Rustica in Long Island City, NY on Mondays at 6:30pm. Classes begin tonight!!

Tonight's class is being offered at the introductory price of $50 and will feature instruction on a starter of roasted butternut squash on bruschetta with mascarpone and Parmigiano Reggiano, a classic Bolognese sauce with fettucine, a seared whole chicken stuffed with fresh herbs and garlic, and a salad of zucchini papardelle with currants and pignoli. Subsequent classes will be $75 per session.

For general information about the classes or for information about the schedule and future classes, please email Faye directly.

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Zesty Cook said…
Hey MIchelle - I cannot wait to go to NYC - I have been wanting too all my life. I have to get there very soon... I will be able to ask you for tips :)
Zesty Cook - There really is no other city in the world like New York. If you do find yourself with solid plans to visit, I'd be pleased to offer restaurant suggestions, etc.
Aaron said…
This is awesome, Michelle! I can't wait to hear how it went.
Aaron - Unfortunately, I couldn't attend tonight's cooking class. But I'm hoping to make it to next week's class. We'll see how work/paying royalties goes. *crosses fingers*