Double-Duty Measuring Cups

Measuring Cups from Kitchen Couture
(Photo courtesy of Kitchen Couture)

Florence Fabricant published a mini-review about the above-pictured measuring cups in the "Dining & Wine" Section of the New York Times on November 12, 2008. As you can see in the picture, the measuring cups have rounded bottoms but they fit nicely into a round rubber base so you can make sure the measurement is level. And, rather than conventional handles, the cups utilize elliptical measuring spoons as their handles. Such a great idea! These cups/spoons cut down on kitchen clutter and look especially chic.

They're currently out-of-stock on their website, but you can try and find them at their physical store if you're in the New York City area. They're located at 5213 13th Avenue in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.

These measuring cups/spoons are so affordable ($19.95), they might just find themselves on my Christmas list this year!

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