Finishing Salt Giveaway

Thanks to my fabulous friend Jo at The Adventures of Kitchen Girl, I just entered the Marx Foods Finishing Salts Giveaway! They are giving away a flight of seven finishing salts by Ritrovo, valued at $120! You heard me -- they're giving them away! For free.

According to Marx Foods, the salt collection includes:

Truffle & Salt: A blend of dried Italian black truffle and sea salt, this flavor combination will enhance any dish with the aroma and flavor of Italian truffles including popcorn, mashed potatoes, pasta dishes, scrambled eggs and roasted meats.

Fiori & Salt: An aromatic blend of Italian sea salt and flowers including chamomile, poppy, mallow, marigold, lime, hawthorn, yarrow, wild orange peel, flower pollen, heather and lavender. This combination is a wonderful way to infuse olive oils, sprinkle over fresh mozzarella, finish cream soups and risotto or bake into breads.

Fennel & Salt: A combination of sea salt, fennel seed and orange peel this blend pairs well with sweet and savory dishes including wild salmon, goat cheese, chocolate truffles or caramel.

Sweet & Salt: A sweet and savory blend of Italian sea salt, dried & ground fruit, sweet spices, vanilla, chocolate and grape must, this combination pairs well with both aromatic and dessert dishes. Sweet & salt can be used as a rub for duck or pork, sprinkled on roasted squash, pumpkin soup, or buttery shortbread cookies.

Saffron & Salt: Red strands of saffron are blended with sea salt resulting in a flavor profile that is perfect for finishing paella, cioppino, pasta or fresh ricotta.

Sea & Salt: A combination of high-quality Sicilian bottarga, citrus, sun-dried tomato, and cardamom, this blend is ideal with pasta, steamed vegetables or used to cure seafood and enhance salad dressings.

Limited Edition Cervia Salt: From Cervia salt pans, this Italian moist fleur de sel is the crème de la crème of sea salts. With a light texture and rich flavor this salt can be used to finish meat, poultry and fruit dishes as well as sweets including white chocolate chip cookies and caramel chocolate combinations.

Click on the button below for your chance to win! All you have to do is leave a comment saying which one of the above finishing salts would be the first to disappear in your household. It's just that easy! A winner will be chosen by random and announced by Marx Foods on Monday, December 8.

Don't procrastinate on this one! The deadline to enter is TOMORROW, December 5!

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FOODalogue said…
I love 'finishing' salts. I even posted a comment on it when I first started blogging And this is a great collection. It's hard to choose the one that would go the quickest, but it's probably the fennel (or the saffron) because they are both flavors I use a lot. This is one contest I really hope I win!!
FOODalogue - I'll keep my fingers crossed that one of us wins! ;-)
Shelby said…
I entered the giveaway also! I think its great! Good luck!
V.Streit said…
I entered the giveway! Thanks for the heads up. I rarely to never use finishing salts.Maybe one day I'll experiment with them.
HoneyB - Good luck to you, too! :-)
Veronica - I'm glad you were able to enter the giveaway before the deadline. Such an amazing prize!
Good luck to you! And thanks for listing our blog. :) - John
John and Lisa Howard-Fusco - Good luck to you, as well!