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Philip Marie Restaurant
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It's no secret that one of my favorite weekend activities, especially in New York, is going out for brunch. To celebrate the beginning of a new year, Stephen and I met up with some of my friends in the West Village for brunch at Philip Marie Restaurant, a restaurant recommended on several occasions to me by my friend Mary Catherine. For $16.95, you get your choice of entrees from the Brunch Menu and unlimited mimosas (Saturday) or unlimited Bloody Marys (Sunday).

Brunch at Philip Marie Restaurant in New York, NY | Taste As You Go
Brunch - Philip Marie Restaurant - New York, NY

Brunch at Philip Marie Restaurant in New York, NY | Taste As You Go
Brunch - Philip Marie Restaurant - New York, NY

The photos I hastily took simply don't do the food justice. My stomach was growling and I wanted to eat more than I wanted to think about getting an artful shot of all of the plates. (I'm sure there are prettier pictures available of the food at Philip Marie elsewhere on the Internet.)

I ordered the Veggie Lovers Omelet with cheddar cheese, black bean salsa, and skillet potatoes ($8.95), while the French Toast with Passion Fruit Puree ($7.50) was a popular order among everyone else. We also shared Sides of Bacon and Shoestring Potatoes ($2.50/each), the latter not offered in print on the Brunch Menu. (Mary Catherine has been to Philip Marie so many times that she knew to ask our server whether they were available from the kitchen. There's a lesson to be learned here!)

Brunch was extremely affordable, even taking into consideration the cost of brunch plus unlimited cocktails. And I loved that the waitstaff was attentive and respectful of our needs and was aware of the needs of diners waiting to be seated. Philip Marie has a policy about how long you're allowed to linger at your table during peak times (taken from their website):
We are a very busy restaurant and like to accommodate everybody, therefore, on busy days:
  • Reservations for 2 people will have 1:30. (Except for the Private Room or Lunch)
  • Reservations for 4-6 people will have 2 hours.
  • Reservations for 8 people or more will have 3 hours.
  • 10 people or more must provide a valid Credit Card and a beginning and ending time for the reservation.
After our allotted time at our time had expired, we were very kindly asked to begin packing up our things so they could seat the next party. While we were eating, I never felt hurried or felt like the waitstaff was hovering. And when it was time to go, we weren't shoved out the door. What could have come off as very pushy behavior by the members of the establishment came off, instead, as quite classy.

If you haven't been to Philip Marie yet, I highly recommend that you get some friends together, make a reservation, and go down to the West Village for brunch. You can tell them Mary Catherine and I sent you -- though, just know that dropping our names won't get you a discount on your meal. *wink*

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