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New York, NY
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Sometimes Sunday brunch is the perfect time to get together with friends at a favorite restaurant and order the food (and unlimited mimosas) that made you fall in love with the restaurant in the first place. And, sometimes, Sunday brunch is the perfect excuse to have your friends recommend a restaurant that you've never been to. Last month, I had the chance to dine with my favorite brunch buddies at Almond Restaurant in the Flatiron District, a restaurant that's been talked up so much that I was amazed it took me so long to agree to go.

I arrived early and used the extra time to take some pictures of the interior before the restaurant started filling up with people. I was there so early, that the members of the waitstaff were still receiving instructions and were huddled in a group at the other end of the bar. After we were seated, we took a good long time poring over the menu because I hard a very hard time choosing what I wanted. (What else is new?)

House Made Chicken Sausage and Eggs | Almond Restaurant | Taste As You Go

Even though the Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Curd and Strawberries ($13) sounded absolutely delicious, my desire for something savory won out over my desire for something sweet. I settled on the House Made Chicken Sausage and Eggs Over Easy with Red Bliss Homefries $15 and a gigantic mug of coffee. The chicken sausage was cooked perfectly - moist and tender on the inside with a fantastic char from the grill on the outside, a char which produced a snapping sound when taking a knife and fork to the generously-sized links. The eggs weren't greasy at all, and I loved dipping the slices of toast in the runny yolk. I even dipped the homefries in the yolk to make sure I didn't leave any of it behind!

"Le Grande" Macaroni & Cheese | Almond Restaurant

Mary Catherine skipped the traditional breakfast fare and went straight for the comfort food -- the "Le Grande" Macaroni & Cheese with Prosciutto and Chopped Truffles ($18). What came out was enough food for a small army! She allowed me to take a couple of spoonfuls to try, and the dish was so creamy and decadent that it's no wonder Mary Catherine only ate about a quarter of it before yielding. I can only imagine how amazing those leftovers tasted later in the day.

Side of House Cured Bacon and a Bellini at Almond Restaurant in New York, NY - Photo by Taste As You Go

But the winning meal of the day was the one ordered by Candice -- a side of House Cured Bacon ($4) and a Bellini ($12)! Add coffee and that's my idea of a perfect brunch. Just as long as all three have the word "unlimited" written in front of them on the menu!

By the time we finished our meal, the place was packed and we couldn't help but notice the number of strollers lined up in a row near the waiting area at the front of the restaurant. If you want to enjoy your brunch but aren't a fan of fussy children sitting less than a foot away from you, then you may want to aim to get there late in the morning or early in the afternoon. Otherwise, you may risk trying to have a conversation over the sounds of crying kids.

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