Book Review: Substituting Ingredients by Becky Sue Epstein

Substituting Ingredients by Becky Sue Epstein - Cover Art

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Chances are you've found yourself in one (or more) of these positions before:
  1. You plan out your menu and write out your grocery list only to discover two hours before your meal that the store doesn't carry one of the main ingredients.

  2. You're in the middle of baking your famous chocolate cake and come to the staggering realization that you don't have enough eggs and can't run out to the store to pick up another carton.

  3. You need to alter a recipe due to food allergies, or a recent change in diet, or to simple preferences in taste.
It's important to remember not to panic if you find yourself in one (or more) of these situations. Just breathe. Relax. You've got everything under control. Especially if you happen to have a copy of Becky Sue Epstein's new cooking reference book at your disposal.

The book, Substituting Ingredients, is organized alphabetically, listing ingredients and their suitable substitutions. Not only will this book help you in the situations I've described above, but it might also help you find ingredients that are more affordable than the ones listed in a recipe, in case you happen to be on a budget. And, let's confess... Aren't we all on a budget these days?

Substituting Ingredients also contains simple recipes for condiments, sauces, and marinades; remedies for common kitchen disasters; and suggestions for household cleansers and stain removers. That last section is perfect for those people looking for greener cleaning supplies that aren't full of harsh chemicals.

I highly recommend picking up a copy on Amazon or wherever books are sold. At $9.99 US ($11.99 CAN and £4.99 UK), Becky Sue Epstein's Substituting Ingredients is a solid investment!

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