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Pomegranate - Photo by Taste As You Go

I know it was a short work week due to Memorial Day, but I'm exhausted. Am I the only one who's running on fumes right now? I came home from a frenzied day at the office and nearly fell asleep while making dinner. Now that I have some food in me, I think I have just enough energy to crank out this week's Feed Me Friday post.

I should work quickly lest Blogger decides to go down again...

Skip the Canned Soup

I know I've talked about my mother's love of cream of mushroom soup before. When we weren't eating stuffed peppers or canned beef stew over rice (did anyone else have to eat that as a kid??), my family lived off of dishes that relied on condensed soup as their base. Opening a can of cream-of-whatever soup was so convenient for my mother, I bet she never considered trying to make it from scratch.

During the times when I miss her the most, I go into my kitchen and attempt to recreate her go-to meals. Out of habit, I buy what she used -- canned soup, canned peas, milk, and a box of elbow macaroni. It never occurred to me to look for a substitute for the condensed soup. Thankfully, Karly from Buns In My Oven posted her recipe for a cream of chicken soup substitute that can easily be adapted to include mushrooms. Since I always have the required ingredients on hand, I know it'll be a lot easier to make my own cream-of-whatever soup at home rather than walk to the market to buy cans of the condensed stuff.

Potato Chip Appetizers

Have you ever used a potato chip as a vehicle for anything besides dip (or hummus)? I never considered it until I saw this party tip from The Kitchn. I'm intrigued by the possibilities but wonder whether the chips would get soggy if left out on a platter for too long.

Why Didn't I Think of That?

When it comes to making roasted beets, I typically leave the work to others. It's not because I'm incapable of doing it myself or that I'm so spoiled that I insist on others cooking for me. It's because I hated peeling them before putting the beets in the oven to roast. Peeling beets = red hands. Red hands that stay red for a long time. I was ready to accepted that I'd only have roasted beets in a restaurant, and then I saw an eye-opening post on Tiny Urban Kitchen. Jen suggested using golden beets when roasting them at home rather than the red beets everyone automatically pictures. The color is more vibrant and the flavor is the same! Brilliant.

I Never Knew That...

I bet you were wondering why I opened this post with a picture of a pomegranate. Did you know that grenades are named after pomegranates? Neither did I. Then again, I took German in high school... Not French.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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