On the Side: Update on Some Resolutions

With two feet firmly planted in the second half of 2012 and 46 days to go until the wedding, I'm finding myself spending way too much time watching the calendar and watching the clock. To prevent myself from freaking out about all the things that still need to get done, I'm going to see where I stand in terms of following through on my New Year's resolutions

Keep Calm and Carry On - Image Courtesy of KeepCalmAndCarryOn.com

Staying grounded and not letting stress consume me has been difficult. There have been stages of wedding planning that have caused me to completely flip (*ahem*... wedding invitations... *ahem*). And then there have been moments of complete calm when I was anticipating a freak out. I still have a long way to go.

Project Personal Style Board on Pinterest

Although I haven't been pinning on Pinterest all that much in recent weeks, I'm still using the site to make note of the pieces I'd like to add to my wardrobe and to capture new styling ideas.

Trish Textured Dress from Banana Republic - Image Courtesy of BananaRepublic.com

Neela Cork Wedge from Sole Society - Image Courtesy of SoleSociety.com

I purged a lot of items from my closet and have started replacing them with pieces I'd normally wear in colors I'd normally avoid. The pink shift dress from Banana Republic, which I wore to my bridal shower in June, and the talllll red wedges from Sole Society are now two of my favorite items in my wardrobe.

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Michelle has read 16 books toward her goal of 25 books.

I've been making excellent progress in my 2012 Reading Challenge on GoodReads. My goal was to read 25 books this year, and, right now, my count is at 16. Devoting time on my commute to reading has really helped me chip away at this resolution, and I'm confident that I'll surpass 25 books by the time the calendar hits December 31.

I hope I didn't just jinx myself!

Runner's World Half & Festival Logo - Image Courtesy of RunnersWorld.com

Probably the biggest news I have to report thus far is my decision to sign up for the Runner's World Half Marathon in October, three years after my first half marathon in Philadelphia and two years after my first full marathon in Hartford.

My training is scheduled to start at the end of the month, and I know I'm going to have to push myself to stick to my routine. Especially since I'm still commuting 5 hours every day and since I haven't been running on a regular basis. When I signed up, I thought I'd try to PR, but now... I'll be happy if I finish.

Bon Appetit Cover - Image Courtesy of BonAppetit.com

Because I was so busy with other things, it took me nearly five whole months to tackle the easiest resolution on my list -- Sign up for a subscription to Bon App├ętit. You can imagine my embarrassment when I discovered that this item had gotten lost in the shuffle.

Not surprisingly, learning to let go has proven to be my biggest hurdle. The progress I've made in that department has been small. I still have six more months to work on it, so I'm not discouraged. I'm just going to have to try a little harder.

Did you make New Year's resolutions back in January? If so, how are you doing in terms of keeping them?

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