A Taste of Napa: Lunch at Ca' Momi at Oxbow Public Market - Napa, CA

This is the ninth post in my Taste of Napa series.

Ca' Momi at Oxbow Public Market - Napa, CA | Taste As You Go

I was provided with the opportunity to travel to Napa on this press trip at no cost to me. I did not accept monetary compensation for writing about the trip or about my experiences while in Napa. All opinions expressed are my own.

It's hard to believe it, but this is the last post in my Taste of Napa series. I've been writing this series since I returned from my press trip to Napa back in April, and I'm actually sad to see that I've run out of information to share with you. I guess that means I'm just going to have to schedule another trip out there so I can gather material for another series!

On our last morning in Napa, we spent some time exploring the shops and the food vendors at Oxbow Public Market. This 40,000-square-foot marketplace is located in the Oxbow District of Downtown Napa, and all of its artisans and purveyors support the concept of sustainable agriculture and local harvest.

Ca' Momi at Oxbow Public Market - Napa, CA | Taste As You Go

For our last meal together before the members of our group went our separate ways in order to make our return trips home, we gathered for an al fresco lunch at Ca' Momi, a local institution serving authentic Italian cuisine prepared by following traditional recipes and using only the best organic and local ingredients. In fact, the pizza you'll find here is VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana). That means it's certified as truly authentic Neapolitan-style pizza.

Because they stand by the authenticity of their food, Ca' Momi does not serve their pizza with Parmesan cheese or chili flakes for sprinkling on top of the pizza slices. That's simply not the way it's done in Italy. For those who do like to add a touch of heat, you can request some of their chili-infused oil to drizzle on top instead. Just go easy with that stuff -- it caused a lot of us to tear up at the table!

Margherita Pizza at Ca' Momi at Oxbow Public Market in Napa, CA

To get a better idea of what was involved with Vera Pizza Napoletana, we shared a few Margherita Pizzas ($16 each) made with San Marzano DOP tomato sauce, mozzarella di bufala (buffalo mozzarella) Campania DOP, and fresh basil. You could really taste the difference high-quality ingredients made in the final product, even with such a simple pizza as the Margherita Pizza.

Porchetta, Rucola, and Pecorino Pizza at Ca' Momi at Oxbow Public Market in Napa, CA | Taste As You Go

We also shared a pizza listed under the Traditional section of their lunch menu. And as much as I loved the Margherita Pizza, I have to say this pizza was my favorite of the two. The Porchetta, Rucola, and Pecorino Pizza ($17) features house-made porchetta, organic arugula, and Pecorino Romano cheese over a base of organic tomato sauce and organic mozzarella. I loved the bite of the arugula paired with the tender porchetta. Add just a tiny drizzle of that chili-infused oil I was talking about above, and you've got a flavor-packed -- not to mention truly memorable -- meal.

If Stephen and I lived closer to Napa, then I have a feeling we'd stop having our regular Pizza Night at home on Fridays in favor of making pizza at Ca' Momi our weekly tradition. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to dine there while I was in Napa and am looking forward to a return trip in the future!

Ca' Momi
Oxbow Public Market
610 First Street
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 257-4992 | Online Reservations | Map

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