2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers

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In years past, the Holiday Gift Guides I've put together for Taste As You Go have included items that I wouldn't have minded finding under the Christmas tree. But these Guides shouldn't be just about me, and I shouldn't expect every food lover out there to think like me or to share my tastes. That's why I thought I would change things up a bit.

In this year's Holiday Gift Guide, you'll find a mixture of items on my personal Wish List and items that I've spotted throughout the year that I thought just looked like fun. If you're still looking for the perfect gift to give the favorite foodie in your life, then definitely consider the items I've compiled here. To make things easier, I've grouped them by price point.

Gifts Under $25

Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers | Under $25

So, okay, maybe the sauce spoon is a luxury item that isn't really needed... I just love picturing myself in our kitchen, using that spoon to put sauce on the plates before presenting a meal that I slaved over for hours to dinner guests.

Then again, would using it to drizzle hot fudge sauce over an ice cream sundae be an acceptable use for the spoon?

Gifts $25-50

Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers | Gifts $25-$49

1. Travel Spice Kit | Grapevine Trading, $37.95 | 2. DIY Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Kit | Urban Cheese Craft, $25.95 | 3. Immersion Blender | KitchenAid, $38.78 | 4. Blue Steel French Crepe Pan | De Buyer, $27.99 | 5. Beer Flight 6-oz. Pilsner Glass Set | Libbey, $31.95

I know I've included an immersion blender in previous Holiday Gift Guides, but I'm including it again because it's quickly becoming one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. Making creamy homemade soups has never been easier!

And, yes, I do have the Empire Red model. ;-)

Gifts $25-$50, Part 2

Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers | Gifts $25-$49, Part 2

1. Wine Appetizer Trays | Gifts.com, $39.99 | 2. Professional Multi-Chopper | Williams-Sonoma, $39.95 | 3. Wine Flight Decanter Set with Slate Tray | Final Touch, $37.99

I included the Professional Multi-Chopper from Williams-Sonoma in this year's Holiday Gift Guide per the recommendation of Noelle, a loyal Taste As You Go reader and active fan on the Taste As You Go Facebook Page. According to Noelle, "it has different attachments... so you can adjust the type of chopping you need to do" and "it's nice for food prep when you need a lot of different things cut". I'm totally intrigued.

Gifts Over $50

Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers | Gifts Over $50

The items in this last group are definite splurge items. While I absolutely love how well the rustic wood pieces pair with the stemless wine glasses from Riedel, I think my favorite item of the bunch is the knife rack made from a reclaimed pipe organ. The dormant musician in me thinks it's pretty ingenious. ;-)

Do you have any more foodie gift ideas? I'd love to hear about them! Drop me a note in the comments below and I'll check them out. You never know... your recommendations might even be included in next year's Holiday Gift Guide!

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