Menu Plan: December 29 - January 4

Sharing our Menu Plan for December 29, 2013 - January 4, 2014

Pat's Colonial Kitchen - Newtown, PA | Taste As You Go

Stephen and I had brunch with his parents yesterday at a quaint little restaurant in Newtown called Pat's Colonial Kitchen. His parents are regulars there, and it was so refreshing to watch the waitstaff recognize them and immediately recite back their usual orders just to confirm that they hadn't decided to try something else on the menu. The sign in the photo above was hanging in the restaurant and, because I got such a kick out of it, I took a photo of it for posterity.

Brunch was the first stop of our "Christmas, Part 2" tour, and from there we went on to visit the rest of Stephen's family, spreading holiday cheer every step of the way. Ideally, we'd see everyone -- his side of the family and mine -- all in one day, but that's just impossible given that my family is based in Connecticut and his is based in Pennsylvania. Thankfully, we instated a rotating holiday schedule early on in our relationship, so our families know ahead of time where we'll be and when.

Yesterday's festivities necessitated a bit of travel, so we're keeping things relatively low-key today. We went out for our traditional Sunday brunch and ran some quick errands afterwards, but now that we're in, we don't plan on going back out. Which is totally fine by me since it's a cold, rainy day out there. I have plenty of things to do around the house to keep me busy today... like laundry and blogging and tidying up my home office and making dinner and... well, you get the picture.

I hope you're all having a wonderful "last weekend of 2013"!

Menu Plan: December 29, 2013 - January 4, 2014

Sunday: Lasagna (adapted from Simply Recipes)

Just last night, I had something else planned for dinner tonight. But, I forgot to take the sausage links out of the freezer and didn't want to really deal with defrosting them in time to start cooking this afternoon. When I saw the rainy weather outside, I was grateful for my minor misstep because it meant to could make up a batch of gooey, cheesy lasagna. Perfect comfort food for a day like today!

Monday: Seared Scallops with Salsa Grande (from Serious Eats) and Grilled Asparagus

Tuesday: Stephen and I are still finalizing our New Year's Eve plans, so I didn't pick a specific meal to make for dinner. If we go out, then we go out. If we stay in, then I'm going to make good use of our folder with the take-out menus in it. ;-)

Wednesday: Happy New Year! I'm going to start off the new year by letting Stephen make the first dinner we eat in 2014. Aren't I a good wife?

Thursday: Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Garlic, and Roasted Broccoli

Friday: Pizza with Arugula and Prosciutto (from Food Network)

Saturday: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Homemade Barbecue Sauce

What's on your Menu Plan this week? Are you guys doing anything fun to ring in the New Year?

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