The Return of "Feed Me Friday"

On "Feed Me Friday", I share the items in my feed reader that have inspired me or have caused me to pause and reflect.

The Grounds at Borgo Argenina in Gaiole in Chianti, Italy | Taste As You Go
The Grounds at Borgo Argenina in Gaiole in Chianti, Italy

Many moons ago, I used to publish a series on Taste As You Go called "Feed Me Friday" (formerly "Featured Fridays"). The series allowed me to share the things I was reading elsewhere online that inspired me or caused me to pause and reflect. Last week, I realized how much I missed writing the "Feed Me Friday" posts, so I've decided to bring them back.

The posts may not appear every Friday, may vary in length, and may not even relate to food... but I'm hoping they'll serve as catalysts for discussion.

Since I've had my head down working on multiple freelance projects at once, I haven't really been spending too much outside time reading my favorite blogs and websites. I want to schedule some time this weekend to play catch-up so I have more to share in the future. For now, though, I'm going to have to keep this first "Feed Me Friday" post short and sweet.

theSkimm Logo

One of the first things I read in the morning is theSkimm, a daily e-mail newsletter that breaks down top stories in the news and presents them in a way that is extremely approachable, allowing you to digest the key points quickly. Each newsletter only takes me a few minutes to read, and I nearly always click through to other articles that provide a fuller picture.

Reading theSkimm helps alleviate that awkward feeling I have when I'm in the middle of a conversation with people who are talking about a topic that I know little about. Now I have a way to keep up with what's going on in the world, from foreign affairs and politics to sports and entertainment, and it doesn't require me poring over news sites for hours on end trying to make sense of it all.

As an added bonus, I've been impressing Stephen by initiating discussions about subjects that interest him that I have previously avoided because I didn't feel as if I had a good grasp on them. I'm certainly a long way away from being an expert, but theSkimm has helped me see that I am able to comprehend the subjects I previously deemed "too complicated" and it has reinvigorated my love of learning and of being informed.

If you haven't checked theSkimm out yet, then I highly recommend it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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