BeanBath Cafe - Bath, PA

Deciding to change up our Sunday brunch routine led to the discovery of a new favorite spot in the Lehigh Valley.

Migas Scramble with Avocado - BeanBath Cafe - Bath, PA | Taste As You Go
Migas Scramble with Avocado - BeanBath Cafe - Bath, PA

Without a doubt, going out for brunch every Sunday is one of my favorite parts of the week because it gives Stephen and me a chance to take a break from our busy lives to enjoy each other's company over bottomless cups of coffee and some satisfying food. And, of course, it's one less meal I have to cook at home. ;-)

Lately, though, our brunch excursions haven't been as satisfying as we'd hoped, with our usual restaurants falling short of our built-up expectations. Recently, we've waited for close to an hour for a table only to be on the receiving end of slow service and sub-par food. Rather than continue to subject ourselves to that, we decided it was time to try some new restaurants so we'd have more options to choose from.

Cup of Coffee at the BeanBath Cafe - Bath, PA | Taste As You Go
Cup of Coffee at the BeanBath Cafe - Bath, PA

After a little bit of internet research and a quick perusal through online comments, Stephen and I got in the car and headed to the BeanBath Cafe in Bath, PA a whirl. Since we'd never been there before, we almost drove right past the tiny plaza in which the restaurant is located, and, to be honest, upon initial approach, we weren't really sure what to expect because it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. But, oh when we stepped inside!

The restaurant is small but it didn't feel too tight or cramped, and while the tables were close together, it didn't feel like we were forcing ourselves to stay out of our neighbors' way (and conversation). The friendly hostess seated us right away conveniently at a table next to the window. Lots of natural light for my photos! ;-)

Sweet Potato Benedict with Fresh Fruit - BeanBath Cafe - Bath, PA | Taste As You Go
Sweet Potato Benedict with Fresh Fruit - BeanBath Cafe - Bath, PA

Stephen jumped on the specials menu* and ordered the Sweet Potato Benedict with Fresh Fruit. Two poached eggs are served over a bed of sweet potatoes and caramelized onions and then covered with a rich Hollandaise sauce. Stephen loved it and was gobbling it up so quickly that I barely had time to reach across the table to grab a forkful for myself. A fantastic use of seasonal ingredients.

Migas Scramble with Avocado - BeanBath Cafe - Bath, PA | Taste As You Go

Meanwhile, I stuck to my usual order of eggs and potatoes and chose the Migas Scramble ($8.50). The scrambled eggs came with spicy chorizo, peppers, onions, and pepper jack cheese mixed in and were topped with tortilla strips and salsa. I asked for mine without sour cream and order sliced avocado instead, and while the avocado did show up, so did the sour cream. It was hidden underneath the pile of tortilla strips and I didn't discover its presence until I already had a huge bite of it in my mouth.

Not tragic, of course, but not what I ordered. I ate around the rest of the sour cream like nothing ever happened and, it turns out, I still left some on my plate because I was so full. Also, not to be forgotten, the homefries were cooked just the way I liked them -- golden and crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. I was probably full because I ate all of the potatoes first!

Overall, Stephen and I had a lovely time at the BeanBath Cafe and have already been back for brunch! I'm so happy that we have this restaurant on our list of stand-bys when we grow tired of our usual spots.

Oh! Extra bonus? During the week, they operate a drive-through window where you can order/pick-up a full menu of coffee beverages while you're on-the-go! I wish we lived closer so we could take advantage of this perk on a regular basis.

BeanBath Cafe
2425 Plaza Court
Bath, PA 18014
(484) 287-2326 | Map

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* At the time of this visit, the restaurant was still serving their specials for Fall 2013.

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