Feed Me Friday: March 28th

On "Feed Me Friday", I share the items in my feed reader that have inspired me or have caused me to pause and reflect.

It's a rainy day in the Lehigh Valley, and I'm feeling a little down in the dumps because I'm here instead of in Columbus for the weekend visiting my girlfriend from graduate school as originally planned. I was relying on flying as a standby passenger, but the odds of getting a seat on a flight from Philadelphia to Columbus weren't in my favor today, so Brandi and I decided to postpone our visit for another time, when my chances of getting a seat were better.

Considering it's been years since Brandi and I have seen each other, not making the trip has made me awfully sad. I just hope we can reschedule soon because we were really, really looking forward to spending time catching up in person.

It's any wonder that I'm turning to my blog for a little bit of comfort today. Writing always seems to make me feel better, so I think it's an appropriate time to share another Feed Me Friday post.

Here's what's been inspiring me lately.

Brownie Thins

When it comes to brownies, some people prefer to cut one from the center because they love the chewiness, but I definitely more of a corner brownie kind of girl because I love the crispy edges. I love how these Brownie Thins give you a little bit of chew in the center but are made in such a way as to guarantee a nice crispy texture around the edges. Now that I've found this recipe, I don't think I'm ever going to make brownies any other way again!

Lemon Raspberry Pie Crust Hearts

Regular readers of Taste As You Go can probably tell you that I'm not much of a baker. Especially if it involves pie crust. Obviously, this means that most of the recipes on this blog are of the savory sort. But if I keep finding more forgiving "pie recipes" like this one for Lemon Raspberry Pie Crust Hearts, then that may all change, and you may start seeing more dessert recipes here. And... they may all wind up being heart-shaped.

Parmesan Risotto with Roasted Shrimp

The shrimp in this Parmesan Risotto with Roasted Shrimp is left whole after roasting, which makes for a beautiful presentation. But I think I'm partial to my version of Creamy Parmesan Risotto with Roasted Shrimp and Peas because I don't have to do any extra work to make sure I have a bite of shrimp with every bite of rice. ;-)

Tomato Mascarpone Pasta

While I'd like to think that I love all pasta sauces equally, I have a secret soft spot for creamy sauces. And using mascarpone in the sauce for this Tomato Mascarpone Pasta is a brilliant way to sneak that creamy texture in. Since the mascarpone is added at the very end, I can reserve some of the sauce "as is" for Stephen and then put the cheese into the rest of the sauce for me. Absolutely brilliant.

So... tell me, what have you read lately that has inspired you?

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