Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA

Specializing in comfort food with a twist and featuring ethnic specialties made with locally-sourced ingredients, Mitzi's Table has quickly become one of our favorite restaurants in the Lehigh Valley.

Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA | Taste As You Go
Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA

It was last fall when I first learned that Chefs Susan and Matt Roth, formerly of Susan's Catering based out of Lower Nazareth Township, were planning on opening a new restaurant in Bethlehem. When I asked them what type of cuisine they would be focusing on at Mitzi's Table (named for Matt's late mother, who has been the inspiration for his cooking), they described the menu as featuring "comfort food with a twist", as well as "regional favorites" and "ethnic specialties" prepared with locally-sourced ingredients.

And when I gingerly asked whether they'd be open for Sunday brunch, they enthusiastically replied that they'd only be serving brunch on the weekends. Naturally, when I shared this news with Stephen, we both started counting down to the restaurant's opening so we could, hopefully, add another restaurant to our Sunday rotation.

I've dined at Mitzi's Table a few times since it opened on February 26th, once for lunch with some coworkers and twice for brunch with Stephen. Every time I walk into the restaurant, I'm bowled over by how homey everything feels, even when every seat at the counter is occupied, every table is packed with customers, and there's a line of people waiting at the front (or outside on the sidewalk) to be seated. In the short time that Mitzi's Table has been open, interest in the restaurant has grown exponentially.

A great sign for them, but tough on me since I've never really been good at waiting for a table when brunch is involved. ;-)

But, enough about me. Let's get to the part where I talk about the food I ate!

Weekday Lunch

Jambalaya Spring Rolls with Remoulade Dipping Sauce - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA | Taste As You Go
Jambalaya Spring Rolls with Remoulade Dipping Sauce - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA

The first time I ate at Mitzi's Table, I met up with a large group of my coworkers for lunch. While we chatted with each other about how much we loved the restaurant's retro design and decor, we considered all of the options on the lunch menu and snacked on a complimentary plate of Jambalaya Spring Rolls with Remoulade Dipping Sauce ($9). Filled with a mixture of rice and vegetables and fried until the wonton wrappers were golden brown and crispy, these spring rolls were definitely a unique spin on the more traditional Asian spring rolls. And, although I felt they didn't need any embellishment, the remoulade dipping sauce gave the spring rolls a nice, spicy kick.

Vietnamese Bahn Mi - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA | Taste As You Go
Vietnamese Bahn Mi - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA
For our main meal, many of my coworkers were drawn to the Kentucky Hot Brown ($11), a hot and bubbly open-faced sandwich with roast turkey, Mornay sauce, bacon, and tomato piled high on Texas toast. I, on the other hand, felt compelled to try the Vietnamese Bahn Mi ($11) served with a choice of roast pork or tofu (I picked the roast pork), Thai aioli, cucumbers, picked daikon and carrots, and cilantro leaves, as well as a choice of side.

Fruit Cup with Vietnamese Bahn Mi - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA | Taste As You Go
Fruit Cup with Vietnamese Bahn Mi - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA

The meat alone was slightly on the dry side, but with the Thai aioli, it didn't much matter. All of the flavors worked well together, and the crisp vegetables and picked daikon were layered on perfectly to create a well-balanced dish. In fact, I found myself having a hard time finishing the whole sandwich because it was so generously sized!

I think choosing the Fruit Cup as my side really helped. Plus, it made me feel less guilty about the other dish I tried during lunch...

Honey Chipotle French Fries at Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA | Taste As You Go
Honey Chipotle French Fries at Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA

Of course, I'm talking about the heaping bowl of Honey Chipotle Fries ($5) that one of my coworkers ordered and then graciously shared with the rest of us at the table. The fries were hot and crispy and covered with a delicately balanced sauce that was sweet from the honey and spicy from the chipotle pepper. They were seriously addictive, and I think I could have eaten an entire order of them by myself. Thankfully, the presence of my coworkers kept my gluttonous tendencies in check.

Overall, I was really satisfied by my lunch experience at Mitzi's Table and couldn't wait to return to try out their brunch. Which I did just two days later...

Weekend Brunch

Beignets - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA | Taste As You Go
Beignets - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA

As I mentioned earlier, Stephen and I have had brunch at Mitzi's Table twice, both times sitting at the counter watching all of the action in the kitchen through the pass. I was only able to take photos during our first visit (because I forgot my camera the second time), but, because I don't want to hold anything back from you, I'll let you know my thoughts about the dishes I ate that aren't pictured here.

Beignets - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA | Taste As You Go
Beignets - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA

When Stephen saw that Beignets ($5) were on the menu, he just had to order them. Unfortunately, even though we asked our server for the light and crispy donuts with powdered sugar to come out before our main dishes, the timing was a little off and everything came out at once. Rather than be able to enjoy the sweet little bites, we felt we had to forego eating [most of] them in favor of eating our main meal before the food got cold.

The one donut I ate wasn't terribly heavy or oily and had a enough powdered sugar on the outside to make eating it a slightly messy adventure. Aside from the fact that I managed to get powdered sugar everywhere after biting into the donut, Stephen and I both thought they were satisfying enough to order again in the future.

Kayla's Chicken Mole Stacker - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA | Taste As You Go
Kayla's Chicken Mole Stacker - Mitzi's Table - Bethlehem, PA

Another item I'm going to order again in the future? Kayla's Chicken Mole Stacker ($11), a dish named after the sous chef at Mitzi's Table, Kayla Swinicki. Tender pulled chicken is layered with moist corn cakes and then topped with crema, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and bacon jam to create an unbelievably delicious dish. Delicious enough to pull me away from my usual brunch order of whichever egg dish on the menu sounds good to me that day, and despite looking like a heavy meal, the Chicken Mole Stacker was anything but. The only reason why I didn't finish it was because I resigned myself to eating all of the fruit in the accompanying Fruit Cup first. ;-)

Other brunch dishes to try at Mitzi's Table:

  • Shareable Cinnamon Bun, preferably grilled ($4)
  • Ham & Cheese Scones with Honey Mustard Butter ($5) -- I actually eat them without the butter because they're rich enough without it.
  • Matt's Mini Mac Bites -- Deep-fried balls of macaroni-and-cheese? Yes, please! Go with the Classic version (7) and dunk them in the accompanying side of tomato dip.
  • Egg Sandwich ($4 / $6) -- Hands down, the best breakfast sandwich I've ever eaten in the Lehigh Valley. Two eggs and cheese are sandwiched between a jumbo English muffin and can include a choice of meat. I added the House-Made Apple Sage Sausage and just about died and went to heaven when I took my first bite. If you want to take your sandwich to an even higher level? Ask for a shaker of Chef Susan's homemade chile-salt made with peppers grown in their garden.
  • Oatmeal French Toast ($8) -- I didn't actually order this one, but Stephen did and let me have a bite of it. Thick-cut slices of bread are crusted with oatmeal and brown sugar and then served with a delicate maple butter that's out of this world. He said he'd definitely order it again, so go ahead and give it a try. 

I could go on and on about how much we enjoyed eating at Mitzi's Table, but I think it's better if you try the food yourself. Or, if you really want to read more about it before you go, then read here and here for additional reviews.

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