Kitchen Decor: Coveting Coffee Cups

Each of the stylish coffee mugs featured in this round-up would make a fine addition to any coffee cup collection.

Now that my baby bump is most decidedly showing, more and more people outside of my circle of family and close friends have been asking me how I'm feeling. Not surprisingly, a lot of the questions I'm being asked have to do with food.

Are you craving anything yet?

No. Unless you count the endless amounts of cheese I ate during my first trimester.

Are you eating enough?

I think so. But I'm sure one could make the argument that I should just eat more.

Do you have any aversions to specific foods now that you're pregnant?

Thankfully, no. There was a brief moment (brief = a few hours) when I didn't want to be around raw chicken, but that didn't last.

Are there foods that you miss eating now that you're pregnant?

Yes! I really miss eating raw sushi (even though I've been advised be several people that it's okay to eat in moderation if I trust the source), and I really, really miss my bottomless cups of coffee when Stephen and I go out for brunch on Sundays.

Despite having to watch my caffeine intake, I do allow myself one cup of regular coffee in the morning for the ritual and routine. Every now and then, I slide and give myself permission to have a second cup of coffee, but those instances have been few and far between (and usually involved decaf).

Of course, now that I'm limiting the amount of coffee I drink each day, all I'm noticing in stores and online are the adorable coffee cups that are out there. Instead of compensating for the lack of coffee by buying all of those mugs, I decided to put together a fun round-up of coffee cups from one of my new favorite online stores as a way of getting my "fix".

Plus, by writing this round-up, I'm avoiding having an argument with Stephen about the number of coffee cups we already own... ;-)

Coffee Cups to Covet, Set 1

Coffee Cups to Covet, Set 2

Coffee Cups to Cove, Set 3

Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Where did you find it? Why is it so special to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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