The Hamilton Kitchen & Bar - Allentown, PA

The Hamilton Kitchen & Bar showcases seasonal American cuisine, featuring takes on regional classics from around the country and the family dinner table.
The Hamilton Kitchen & Bar - Allentown, PA

I now know from first-hand experience that pregnancy cravings exist, but I have to wonder... Are postpartum cravings a thing? If they are, then I'm definitely experiencing mega-cravings for fried chicken... more specifically, fried chicken and waffles at The Hamilton Kitchen & Bar in Allentown.

Before Caroline was born, Stephen tempted me with the idea of brunch at The Hamilton. Not five minutes later, his parents called us to find out whether we wanted to meet up for brunch since they hadn't seen us in a while. Naturally, it made sense to meet them there.

As it turned out, meeting for brunch was just a ruse, a story they concocted so I wouldn't catch on to the fact that family members and friends were surprising me with a baby shower at the house. I was completely floored and extremely touched by the gesture. Despite having a fabulous time, though, the thought of chicken and waffles has haunted me ever since that day.

Thankfully, I can satisfy my craving by writing this review of the meal I shared with some of my girlfriends at the restaurant last summer. That was the first time I ate the fried chicken at The Hamilton, and I became an instant fan. (Obviously.) Keep reading to see why.
Outdoor Dining at The Hamilton Kitchen & Bar - Allentown, PA

Robin, Michelle, and I took advantage of the glorious summer evening and sat at a table in The Hamilton's outdoor seating area. It was perfect for people-watching as the happy hour crowd started congregating around the bar.
Bread Basket - The Hamilton Kitchen - Allentown, PA

We feasted on the items in the bread basket -- though, "bread board" is more accurate -- as we considered the items on the dinner menu. The highlight? The warm Yorkshire pudding. It seemed to just melt on the tongue and was pleasantly light in texture. I could picture myself eating an entire batch of them myself.
Spinach Dip - The Hamilton Kitchen & Bar - Allentown, PA

Because I was in the early stage of my pregnancy at this point and was instructed to avoid eating raw fish, I ordered the Spinach Dip ($12.00) instead of the tuna tartare that I really wanted. The dip was elegantly presented and served with seasoned toasted bread for scooping up the warm mixture of spinach and cheese. While I loved the contrasting texture from the breadcrumb topping, I thought the dip lacked seasoning and found myself slightly underwhelmed.

I had higher hopes for my entree.
Fried Chicken with Slaw and Biscuit - The Hamilton Kitchen & Bar - Allentown, PA

Speaking of which... I'd like to introduce you to The Hamilton's Fried Chicken ($22), otherwise known as one of my newest indulgences. Served with a kale coleslaw dressed with a buttermilk dressing and a buttery biscuit, the chicken was tender and moist with crispy skin that wasn't too greasy or overly seasoned. I didn't hesitate to pick up a piece and bite right into it. And, the generous portion ensured that I'd get to take leftovers home.
Kale Coleslaw with Buttermilk Dressing - The Hamilton Kitchen & Bar - Allentown, PA

Let's talk about the slaw.

Normally, I'm not one to go gaga over that kind of thing, but this slaw was absolutely delicious. For me, I think it helped that the dressing wasn't mayonnaise-based. The buttermilk gave the dressing a slight tang to it, and I love how the flavor of the dressing played against the slight bitterness of the kale. I actually found myself wishing I had more of it to eat, especially given the amount of chicken involved.

As long as the Fried Chicken remains on The Hamilton's menu, I'll be a happy girl. If I get the opportunity to try the chicken atop a stack of waffles with a drizzle of maple syrup, then all the better.

The Hamilton Kitchen & Bar
Two City Center
645 West Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101
(610) 433-3535 | Online Reservations | Map

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