When Letting Go Is For The Best


Are you quick to admit when something isn't working? Or do you try every which way under the sun to get things back on track before you even hint that anything might be wrong?

For the past several months, I've been trying to convince myself that Taste As You Go was headed in the right direction. But, in all honesty, the exact opposite was true.

Somewhere along the way, I lost myself and got caught up in the game. I obsessively checked my blog stats to see how many pageviews had been logged over the course of a day, a week, a month. I tried to predict which posts would attract the most readers and started calculating when it would be best to publish those posts and when to share them on social media. Then I started rethinking my content so it would fall in line with the blogs that were more popular than mine, the blogs that had more followers, and the blogs that boasted more comments, more shares, more... everything.

Nothing felt right.

When Caroline was born, things started to shift... but my blog still wasn't where I needed it to be. While I was still paying way too much attention to the blog stats, I was also forcing myself to stick to an aggressive writing schedule to prove to everything that I could take care of a newborn and keep up with my blog. Sure, I pushed myself to write because I enjoy writing, but I was also pushing myself to write so you guys would have something to read... so you wouldn't forget about me.

After I listened to this podcast, I finally admitted to myself that something was wrong, that something had to change. And, after taking some time to think things through, I now know what I need to do.

I need to let go.

I need to let go of...

... the pressure that I put on myself to stick to a regular blogging schedule.
... the temptation to compare myself to others.
... the belief that something is worth writing about if and only if it's in line with what everyone else is writing about.

Moving forward...

... I am going to write when I feel inspired. This may mean that days or weeks go by in between posts... and that's okay.
... I am going to read the blogs and websites that genuinely interest me. This will mean unsubscribing from some of the more popular blogs out there... and that's okay.
... I am going to write about the things that I deem worthwhile. This may mean writing about topics that aren't food-related... and that's okay.

I know I've mentioned my desire to expand the scope of Taste As You Go so it's not strictly a food blog. But when I mentioned the possibility of changing things up, I had it in the back of my head that I'd have every detail of the transition planned out so I wouldn't be alienating anyone too much.

I need to let go.

If I continue to worry about planning the perfect transition, then it'll never happen and things will never change. Since I'll still be sharing recipes and the occasional restaurant review, I decided that totally rebranding the blog isn't necessary. It's enough for me to say that things are going to be a different.

Now that I've shared my decision with you, I feel so much better. Happier. Lighter.

I invite you all to join me as I move forward into the next phase of my life as a blogger. I just know that exciting things are on the horizon, and I'd love to share them with you!


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