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White Teacup Filled with Coffee | Photo by Jen P. via Unsplash

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In my last blog post, I revealed that one of my goals for the new year is to write on a more regular basis. I've created my content calendar for January. And, to make sure I'm setting myself up for success, I've already begun planning for February.

It's still early on, I know... But I'm proud of myself for attacking this goal with full force.

Part of this goal includes being more intentional about sharing my Tidbits... more timely. So every other Friday, you'll find a new batch of Tidbits on the blog. (With any luck!) Without further ado, here's the latest batch for you to read at your leisure.


  1. I just have one word -- brava.

  2. I'm getting much better about using this website when online shopping... Because who doesn't love getting cash back?

  3. My inner musician thinks this is pretty great.

  4. This article literally made me cry. In a bad way.

  5. Given our current state of life, we should buy Chardonnay by the case.

  6. I had a promo code that was expiring, so I decided to plan ahead for summer by buying these shoes. Can't wait for warm weather again! (PS. They're replacing a pair I had to throw away because the strap broke after years of wear.)

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