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I'm so glad it's Friday.

Our daughter is wrapping up her first full week of kindergarten, and it'll be nice to have some down days. I thought our family would need more time getting used to a new schedule and a new routine... but we're doing pretty well.

While I did oversleep once this week (but not by much)... our 5yo has been great about getting out of bed without too much prodding. (Our 3yo, on the other hand...) So far, we've been leaving on time and getting to school/work right when we need to.

It makes me so happy to see both our kids get excited about going to school. Doing their own thing and being around their own set of friends has made a huge difference. They're definitely thriving. I mean... you should have seen the look on our son's face as he told me all about Picture Day yesterday -- "I didn't even cry, Mama!" 😂

After the busy week, I'm looking forward to spending time with the kids. Bring on the snuggles... and the stories... and the endless requests to listen to the Disney Favorites station on Amazon Music!

To kick things off right, here's a new batch of Tidbits for you to read at your leisure this weekend.


  1. I read this book to our little "Kindie" before she started school. So beautiful.

  2. We recently bought new sheets for every bed in the house. Rather than invest in expensive comforters for the kids' beds, I bought the white version of this blanket for them. We went with white so the blankets will match future sets of sheets.

  3. What prompted the mass purchase of bedsheets? Well, we said goodbye to our son's toddler bed and upgraded him to this new loft bed. He loves it!

  4. When I can't sleep, I find myself watching a lot of these videos

  5. You know I love my bullet journal. With the kids on different schedules and in different schools this fall, I considered changing planning systems to stay more organized. I liked the idea behind this one... But then the idea of changing planners in September made me anxious. So I'm going to stick with my bullet journal and move to a color-coded system... Wish me luck.

  6. I wish I had more time to organize our pantry over the summer. Then I might have used some of these organization hacks.

  7. This is my new favorite rip-your-heart-out song. The song is powerful enough on its own. But, if you can watch the video... Just wow.

  8. I recently finished reading this book.

  9. I'm currently reading this one.

  10. I'm finally upgrading the printable versions of my recipes. Check out this recipe for an example!

  11. I love this new-to-me Instagram account for the creativity it inspires. Scrolling through the photos in the account feed encourages you to look at everyday objects differently. 

  12. I can't stop eating these. Might need to buy another "sharing size" bag soon...

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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