New Salt and Pepper Mills

Martha Stewart Salt and Pepper Mill
Photo courtesy of Macys's

Given the current economic state of the country, I realize that I probably shouldn't be spending my hard-earned money on something as frivolous as a new salt and pepper mill set. But my current set is utterly useless and completely non-functional. The holes in the top of the salt shaker are too small, so nothing comes out when you shake it. More often than not, the holes become clogged with the salt that's trying to come out. And, the rubber stopper on the bottom of the shaker doesn't fit snuggly, so if you shake too hard, the stopper will fall out and the salt just goes everywhere. (Believe me, this has happened a number of times... All of which resulted me in cursing quite loudly.) Pair that with a pepper mill that prefers spitting out half of a peppercorn rather than anything resembling ground pepper, and you pretty much have a seasoning disaster on your hands.

After spending some time clicking through the "Kitchen Department" of the Macy's website, I settled on a salt and pepper mill set by Martha Stewart -- the 7.5" Walnut Acrylic Salt and Pepper Mill for $29.99 plus tax and shipping. I already have positive hopes for this set because it's from the Martha Stewart Collection and there's a limited lifetime warranty should something go wrong. (I figure a "limited lifetime warranty" is just fine for something that will probably get replaced if my tastes in kitchen decor change!)

So, while my purchase was rather minor -- as compared to, say, the set of chef's knives I was eyeing -- and could be construed as "unnecessary," I'm really excited about it and can't wait for its arrival!

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