FoodBuzz MOO MiniCards

MOO Cards - Photo by Taste As You Go

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I love the folks at FoodBuzz. I received a lovely package in the mail this past weekend containing a box of MOO MiniCards they had especially printed up for Taste As You Go. When I attended my first FoodBuzz Featured Publishers event, I got to take a look at other FoodBuzz Featured Publishers' cards and couldn't wait until mine arrived.

MOO Cards - Photo by Taste As You Go

Most of my new cards feature photos that are autumnal in nature on one side with the essential information about my blog printed on the other side. How cool is that??

MOO Cards - Photo by Taste As You Go

Now, if only a box of delicious cookies from Organica Deluxe would arrive like they did for my friend over at ChezWhat? ... Then I'd really be all set. Though, I'm not sure what my chances are of scoring freebies twice in one week. I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks, FoodBuzz!

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hoo-ray - or should I say - moo-ray....and thanks for the shout out....
Doggybloggy - MOOray!
V.Streit said…
I got mine in the post today! I'm not sure what to do with them now!
Veronica - Yay! Does your set include the cards with pumpkins, too?
V.Streit said…
Yeah, I have pumpkins. :)
Yeah, we got those cards as well. Very cool, except they only had my name on it. Lisa was a little annoyed about that. - John
John and Lisa - Did you let FoodBuzz know? Maybe they'll see another set for you!