NYC Winter 2009 Restaurant Week Extended.... Again

NYC Winter 2009 Restaurant Week
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Now, I may be reading into this, but it sounds like New York City restaurants may be suffering from a drop in the number of patrons due to our current economic situation. Why do I think this? Because "Restaurant Week" was originally scheduled to end on January 30. Now diners have the opportunity to take advantage of Restaurant Week pre-fixe menu prices ($24.07 for lunch or $35 for dinner) until March 20!

Check out the list of participating restaurants or browse through the menus. If you see something you like, make your reservations while you still can!

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Kym said…
Wow, Winter Restaurant Week is really stretching the definition of "week" and is treading on dangerous territory with "Winter," too!
Kym - Maybe we'll get lucky and there will be yet another extension of Restaurant "Week" so we can take advantage of the specials for Dinner Club! ;-)
Things are tough all over for restaurants. Atlantic City's Restaurant Week is going another week as well (through 3/14). - John
John - I wonder whether extending Restaurant "Week" is helping the restaurants at all. I know it's a great deal, but I know that I can't splurge like that for a meal no matter how amazing the restaurant is!