Friendly Friday and an Award

As I was catching up on the unread items in my Google Reader at the end of March, I was touched by a blog post by Brenda from Cre8tive Kitchen. She awarded me, along with seven other bloggers, the Friends Award! As a "self-proclaimed foodie" without the culinary training to really back up my obsession with creating new recipes and sharing them with the world, I sometimes wonder whether anyone is really reading what I write or whether anyone really cares.

Finding out that Brenda thinks enough of me and of Taste As You Go to pass the Friends Award onto me couldn't have happened at a better time. What one might assume to be a small gesture actually helped remind me that people are reading and are getting something out of it. Even if it's just a chuckle after looking at a picture of me trying to eat with large utensils.

Tasting the Seared Tuna on Avocado and Wasabi Salad - Photo by Taste As You Go
Tasting the Seared Tuna on Avocado and Wasabi Salad

So, now it's my turn to pass along the Friends Award to eight of my fellow blogger friends (they're not all food bloggers):

1. Mary from Oven Proof
2. April from The Hungry Engineer
3. Julie from Inspired Freelancer
4. Leslie from Leslie Loves Veggies
5. Mike from Man Eat Food
6. John and Lisa from John and Lisa are Eating in South Jersey
7. Sarah from Tales of Expansion
8. Meg from kleineKultur

I hope you all check out their blogs if you're not already loyal readers. And, thank you Brenda!

Happy Friday!

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Sue said…
Hi Michelle,

Happy Easter! People ARE reading. Keep writing.
Sue - Thank you so much for the continued support and enthusiasm! I hope you and yours had a very Happy Easter!
Anonymous said…
yayyyyy, thanks for the award, michelle!! (and congrats to you on receiving it!) I'm reading, so keep writing :-)
talesofexpansion - You're welcome, Sarah! And thanks for reading!
Unknown said…
I'm reading (thanks to my mom - Bev - a former colleague of your father's at CNG) and loving your blog. I followed a trail of links and found some great gluten free sights as well. I'll keep checking in!
Anne - Thanks for visiting, Anne! It's so great knowing that you and your mother are checking in! I hope you both continue to like what you're reading. :-)
Brenda Campbell said…
You are welcome Michelle! I am just getting caught up on my reading as well.. been busy busy here, and thought I would comment to tell you you're welcome and I appreciate your help with my own blog with tips etc and just basically thanks!