So You Want to be a Dictator

As if the announcement about Taste As You Go's new website design wasn't exciting enough, I have another log to throw on the good news fire. I have recently been named a Dictator for SugarBomber!

Powered by Citysearch, SugarBomber is the first place you should go online if you're ever craving something sweet. I'll be joining the ranks with the other Dictators on our mission to discover delectably delicious desserts (sorry, I couldn't resist) and other sugary treats that will get mouths watering and that will satiate anyone's sweet tooth.

I'll be posting pictures of my finds on SugarBomber, along with a description of the treat and where you can find it, so be sure to check their website often for my report!

Tell me, what are you craving right now?

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