One Lovely Blog Award

Dark Chocolate Melt Away Cake - Photo by Taste As You Go

A month ago, Jen from Tiny Urban Kitchen awarded Taste As You Go an award -- the "One Lovely Blog" Award. Seeing as Jen and I are relatively recent blogging buddies, I am absolutely honored to have received this award from her.

Here's what Jen, from Boston (technically, Cambridge) wrote:
Michelle from Taste As You Go has an interesting background. She studied music history in graduate school, currently lives in New York City, and is an avid runner. Her blog highlights interesting restaurants and events around New York City. She also shares about her cooking experiments and she often features guest bloggers. Michelle is an avid tweeter, and her tweets are personal, fun, and interesting to follow.

Jen is right. I never thought I'd say this after my days of running high school track, but I am an avid runner. In fact, I'm one week away from running my first half marathon in Philadelphia! I can't wait to hit the streets and run with the crowd and really see how months and months of training has paid off.

Choate Rosemary Hall Girls Track in 1996 - Photo courtesy of Stephanie Little

Stretching for the Revlon Run in New York City in Times Square - Photo by Taste As You Go

Here are the rules for the "One Lovely Blog" Award:
  • Link to the person from whom you've received the Award
  • Nominate blogs you really like, preferably ones you have recently discovered
  • Leave a message on the nominees' blogs telling them of their Award

One Lovely Blog Award

And the nominees are, in no particular order:

The Sophisticated Gourmet
Don't ever accuse the seventeen-year-old behind this beautiful food blog of never attempting greatness. Kamran's photos are stunning and I absolutely love looking at post after post to feed my eyes. This young man has a tremendous future ahead of him, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

Another food blog with exquisite photos, Sugarcrafter is one that I just started reading a few weeks ago. I connected with Tracy on Twitter and became an instant fan of her recipes, her writing, and, obviously, her photos. She and Kamran are acting as fantastic role models for me as I continue to develop my own blog and style of food photography. I cannot wait to try all of Tracy's recipes that I bookmarked!

Gourmet, unbound
When the announcement was made that Gourmet was closing, the loss was felt immediately by my friends in the food blogging world. We all anxiously waited by our mailboxes for the delivery of Gourmet's last issue, the November 2009 issue, and we all tried to find a positive about the situation. Well, just because the magazine is no longer in production doesn't mean we can't carry on its legacy. And that's what Gourmet, unbound, led by Maggie from Pithy and Cleaver, Olga from Sassy Radish, and Jennie from In Jennie's Kitchen intends to do. If you love(d) Gourmet and want to see it continue to live, read Gourmet, unbound.

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