Announcing "Featured Fridays"

Featured Friday Logo by Taste As You Go

Recently, I mentioned that I would no longer be publishing "How They Found My Blog" posts and that I would be announcing a new regular series on Friday. Considering Saturday is a mere five minutes away, I'll have to make this brief!

I know I'm not the only food blogger out there and that I don't exist in a bubble. Many have gone before me and many will follow. Because of that, I think it's vital to keep an eye on what other people are writing -- not only to stay informed, but also to gain new insights and new inspirations.

Therefore, next week, I'll be launching Taste As You Go's Featured Fridays. I'll choose a few posts from the lengthy list of blogs that I follow and discuss what I learned from them and/or why I found them enjoyable to read. Every now and then, I may even write up my opinion about a food-related article that I read in a magazine or newspaper or elsewhere online. The point is to share what I'm reading with others and to, hopefully, facilitate discussion.

Be sure to check back next week for the first installment!

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