Featured Friday, Volume 1.3

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"It's been a long week." Curious little phrase. How can a week be long when it's exactly the same number of days every time? Regardless, it's Friday... which means, despite how tired I am from the hustle and bustle of a busy week, it's time to post another Featured Friday post.

A New Spin on an Old-Time Favorite

I don't think I've stressed my love for potatoes enough on this blog. I've trumpeted my near-obsession with caramelized onions but haven't quite reached that level of public adoration of potatoes. That changes now. Over In Jennie's Kitchen, Jennie shared a recipe for Spinach Ricotta Potato Pancakes that had me intrigued. I love the idea of adding the extra flavor and nutrients of the spinach along with the creaminess of the ricotta. Plus, I learned a new trick -- to add the starch from the potatoes back into the mix after soaking the grated potatoes in a bowl of ice water. I'm going to have to try that out the next time I make my Apple Potato Pancakes and when I, of course, try out Jennie's recipe!

Spring Is Here and So Is the Asparagus

It was just over a year ago today that I posted my recipe for Asparagus with Honey and Curry Butter. And it's no coincidence that two of today's featured posts include asparagus as an ingredient because asparagus is in season again! The first recipe comes from Stephanie from Juicy Fresh Bites, who is one of my Adopted Bloggers. Her Crunchy Asparagus with Soy-Ginger Drizzle just sounds amazing... even if its preparation involves rolling the green stalks in a mayonnaise mixture.

The second recipe comes from Jen, one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter, of My Kitchen Addiction, one of my favorite blogs to read. Her Ham, Asparagus, and Gruyère Quiche sounds delicious and might be the perfect way for you to re-purpose the leftovers from your Easter dinner (if you have any left at this point in the week) into a simple and elegant dish for your weekend brunch.

I Could Survive Solely on Your Pictures of Food

While I know I have somewhat of a knack of photographing people "in the moment," I'm pretty sure that I'll probably never be a brilliant food photographer. Sad for those Taste As You Go readers who are waiting for me to step up my game, I know. Until I buy a better camera (ie. not another digital point-and-shoot camera), I'll just have to refer you to blogs with inspiring photos. Just as long as you continue to come back and read what I have to say. ;-)

For this week, here are two posts with drool-worthy pictures. Pop over to Tiny Urban Kitchen to see Jen's photos of Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) and then on over to Zen Can Cook, where Stephane's post about Baby Chicken with Soy-Whiskey Glaze & Sticky Rice Stuffing made me want to go find a small chicken and "stuff its ass with sticky rice."

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