Featured Friday, Volume 1.12

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With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, folks everywhere are planning their menus and stocking up their pantries with their must-have ingredients to avoid a holiday feast catastrophe only hours before their dinner guests are due to arrive.

One of the staples of a Thanksgiving meal seems to be cranberry sauce, so I thought the focus of this week's Featured Friday post should be recipes that call for cranberries. Given that I'm allergic to them (I still can't believe it), cranberry recipes on Taste As You Go are non-existent. Thank goodness I'm part of a brilliant food blogger community whose members are more than willing to share their recipes.

Cranberry Bog in Rockefeller Center in 2009 - Photo by Taste As You Go

Grace, Chef Duff Goldman, Michelle of Taste As You Go - Photo by Taste As You Go
Pictures from Ocean Spray's 2009 "Bogs Across America" Tour

So, when it comes to cranberry sauce on your Thanksgiving table, which do you prefer: jellied cranberry sauce or whole cranberry sauce?

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