Share Our Strength Initiative

I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of November for the past few weeks. Now that it's here, I can finally reveal the "secret project" that I was eluding to on Twitter:

I have pledged to donate 100% of Taste As You Go's
ad revenue for the months of November and December
to Share Our Strength, a national organization
dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America.

Although I haven't talked about it on my blog, hunger is something I've experienced. You probably don't believe me... What food blogger could ever really be hungry? But it's true.

This time last year, I was unemployed and worrying about how I was going to pay the rent for my New York apartment and the bills that went along with it. Making sure I had enough to eat throughout the day was the least of my worries. (In hindsight, that was dangerous, since I was also training for a half marathon.) I was too much of an independent person (and too embarrassed) to admit that I might not be able to make it on my own. If I could appear as if I were making ends meet, then maybe no one would notice how tired I was or how unfocused I was during conversations or how frequently my stomach was growling.

I had it easy.

According to the Share Our Strength website:
"Nearly 17 million -- almost one in four -- children in America face hunger. These children will endure lifelong consequences as a result of having limited access to nutritious foods. In fact, they're more likely to suffer poorer health, fatigue, hospitalizations, behavioral difficulties and impaired performance at school.

And hunger doesn't discriminate. It can affect any child -- even those you'd least expect."
Can you wrap your head around that? Nearly 17 million children in America. These children could be living in your building or your neighborhood. They could be in your child's classroom at school or on their sports team. It kills me to know that there are that many children who are suffering from not knowing where their next meal is going to come from.

This holiday season, I'm getting involved and 
using my blog for a greater purpose. And, you can help! 

Every time you view a page on Taste As You Go, revenue is generated. Please help me spread the word of my pledge to Share Our Strength by sharing this post on Twitter or Facebook or via email. Encourage people to stop by and check out my recipes or restaurant reviews. Leave comments to spark conversations with other readers. I respond to almost all of the comments, so don't be shy -- I'd love to hear your reactions to the things I'm posting!

And, consider getting involved or making a donation yourself. Join me in supporting Share Our Strength's strategy to end childhood hunger in America!

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