Featured Friday, Volume 1.16

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So many memories flood my brain during the holidays. Most of them are centered around my mother. She would always say that Thanksgiving and Christmas were her favorite holidays, and, here we are, right in the middle of both of those days. We'd spend the evenings baking cookies to give to family and friends, and we'd fight our way through the packed stores in the mall searching for the perfect gifts. I must be my mother's daughter because I cherish this time of year, too.

It's been nearly eight years since my mother passed away. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss her more this time of year. In honor of her and our tradition of baking for the holidays, this week's Featured Friday post focuses on cookies. If you're looking new treats to add to your list of holiday favorites, definitely check out the posts in this round-up!

Pomegranate Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - Photo by Taste As You Go

And, for more cookie fun, head over to LoveFeast Table for their Holiday Cookie Exchange! Such a brilliant idea!

LoveFeast’s Holiday Cookie Exchange

PS. I'll be adding more cookie recipes to this list as I find them. Who knows? "Cookies" may be the focus of a future Featured Friday post, too.

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