Simple Olive Oil Drop Biscuits

Simple Olive Oil Drop Biscuits on Teal Platter with White Rim | Taste As You Go

Updated on August 1, 2022. 

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I first shared my recipe for Simple Olive Oil Drop Biscuits in 2011. Looking back, I realized the photos in that original post weren't the best quality... But, at the time, I thought they looked pretty good. 

Somehow, over the years, these drop biscuits have become one of the most popular recipes on my blog... Despite those photos.

Did people feel sorry for me when they read about how sick I was when I created these biscuits? It's possible. 

But I doubt that concern inspired folks to keep coming back to it. 😉

Simple Olive Oil Drop Biscuits | Taste As You Go

So what makes the recipe for my Olive Oil Drop Biscuits so popular? 

Based on the comments, people keep making these biscuits because:
  • the recipe only calls for six ingredients (that are likely already in your kitchen)
  • the recipe doesn't call for butter (but the olive oil gives the biscuit a deliciously rich flavor)
  • you don't need fancy equipment to make these biscuits
  • the recipe is simple
  • the biscuits bake in 10-12 minutes, which means they're great as an accompaniment to a weeknight meal
  • the recipe is versatile so the varieties are endless

Just read the comments for ways to doctor them up! Or try my recipe for Simple Basil Olive Oil Drop Biscuits, which uses basil-infused oil for extra flavor.

It warms my heart to hear how much folks love these biscuits. If you haven't tried them yet, I hope you do one day! 

PS. In addition to updating the photos in this post, I've also reformatted the recipe card so you can rate the recipe. If you love these biscuits, I'd love it if you could submit your rating. That'll help other people discover this post and these delicious biscuits!


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