Simple Basil Olive Oil Drop Biscuits

Simple Basil Olive Oil Drop Biscuits | Taste As You Go

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One of the most popular recipes on Taste As You Go -- and one of my all-time favorites -- is my recipe for Simple Olive Oil Drop Biscuits. The biscuits call for ingredients that you, more than likely, already have in your kitchen and take absolutely no time at all to come together. Plus, they're healthier than your traditional biscuits because they're made with extra-virgin olive oil rather than butter.

What's not to love?

Nudo Olive Oil with Basil | Taste As You Go

While my original recipe features your standard extra-virgin olive oil, it's versatile enough to allow plenty of room for creativity and experimentation. That's exactly what went through my mind several months ago after opening up a package of olive oils from Nudo, a company founded by Jason Gibb and Cathy Rogers in 2005 that makes products from 100% natural, high-quality, and locally-sourced ingredients.

Simple Basil Olive Oil Drop Biscuits | Taste As You Go

Simple Basil Olive Oil Drop Biscuit | Taste As You Go

This time around, I used one of the flavored olive oils in the Festive Selection Box (no longer available) to give the biscuits extra depth. The Olive Oil Stone Ground with Basil created an incredibly moist and slightly more savory version of these biscuits that paired perfectly with both the scrambled eggs from our breakfast and the spaghetti with marinara sauce from our dinner. The basil flavor isn't overwhelming, so, if you want to bring out the taste of the basil even more, then add a bit of chopped fresh basil to the dough before baking.

Simple Basil Olive Oil Drop Biscuit | Taste As You Go

You can even dip the warm biscuits into a puddle of the flavored olive oil itself... but I prefer to slather on the butter. Just because I didn't put butter in the biscuits doesn't mean I can't put butter on them!


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