Editor's Choice Award

Apple Chestnut Stuffing - Photo by Michelle Judd of Taste As You Go
Apple Chestnut Stuffing

You're all probably busy prepping for your Thanksgiving festivities. Perhaps you're chopping vegetables for tomorrow or rolling out yet another pie crust. Maybe you're packing your suitcases and loading up the car to battle traffic on the roads.

Me? I should be peeling chestnuts for my Apple Chestnut Stuffing instead of sitting on the couch watching Little Miss Sunshine. But I received some news that I couldn't wait to share!

Taste As You Go has received its very first Editor's Choice Award! The folks at Be @ Home, which is part of Become.com's blogging network, have honored me with their Fantastic Foodie Award.

How cool is that??


Now that I've made that little announcement, I can get back to my movie. Umm... I mean... I can start thinking about peeling those chestnuts.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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