Cachette Bistro & Creperie - Bethlehem, PA

This French-style bistro and creperie sits in the heart of the Historic District in downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Crepe at Cachette Bistro & Creperie in Bethlehem, PA | Taste As You Go

I can remember a time, not too long ago, when the reality of blizzard dumping nearly three feet of snow outside meant dealing with one inconvenience after another -- canceled plans, inevitable delays and service interruptions on mass transit, numb hands and feet that take hours to regain feeling... the list goes on and on.

This past weekend, however, I found myself looking forward to being snowed in because I wanted to -- no, needed to -- take a break from my to-do list. I've been exhausting myself trying to stay on track with my personal goals and working to find purpose, but, so far, the results have been frustrating.

Allowing myself some time to reset mentally was just what I needed. First thing on Saturday morning, we bundled up and played in the snow for a little while before it got too deep. Then we went back inside, got back into our pajamas, and warmed up with a lot of coffee and delicious breakfast that used up the collection of leftover vegetables we had in the refrigerator.

It set the stage for a fantastically relaxing day.

And, while I didn't mind the snow at all, I couldn't help but think ahead to spring and being able to enjoy brunch al fresco again, as we've done on multiple occasions at Cachette Bistro & Creperie in downtown Bethlehem.

These days, indulging with a brunch cocktail is a rare treat, and Cachette offers several refreshing cocktails on their menu from which to choose. They also have a decent wine list and a hearty selection of bottled beers, if cocktails aren't your jam.

Because I love the combination of berries and elderflower liqueur, the Blackberry Mimosa Rose ($10) is my preferred brunch bevvie at Cachette. It doesn't hurt that the cocktail includes a splash of Brut Rose in it, as well. The sparkling wine accentuates the flavor of the berries, while the elderflower liqueur brings out their tartness.


And, speaking of delicious, let's talk about The French ($11.95) for a minute... a crepe so mouthwatering that I included its photo in this review twice. You know, so you don't have to scroll up. :)

This savory crepe is generously filled with beef bourguignon, caramelized onions, and wild mushrooms and is served atop a good ladleful of the stew's addictively rich sauce. I know the photo doesn't really do the dish justice because you can't see the filling, but trust me... It's incredible.

The beef is tender and melts in your mouth, while the caramelized onions and wild mushrooms add a sweetness and earthiness that balances out the flavors. Honestly, one of my favorite items on the menu.

Another favorite? Their House-Made Frites ($5.95) served with a Gruyere cheese sauce and bacon. I mean, seriously, could it get any more decadent than that?

As much as I enjoy the food at Cachette, the service can be hit or miss, especially when they're busy or when they're juggling tables both inside the restaurant and out on the sidewalk. There have been occasions when we've gone more than twenty minutes after placing our order without seeing our server, not even to refill water glasses or see if we'd like more coffee... It's an unfortunate downside to dining there, but one we've been willing to tolerate thus far since we've never needed to be somewhere else after brunch was over.

Nevertheless, Cachette is definitely a welcome addition to the dining scene in downtown Bethlehem.

Cachette Bistro & Creperie
504 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018
(610) 625-2515 | Online Reservations | Map

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