Winterland of snowy trees

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Hey, guys! Happy Friday!

I'm excited to announce that I'm relaunching an old feature on the blog today. I've named this revamped version "Tidbits". In these posts, I'll share what I'm loving right now, family/life happenings, favorite finds, and whatever else pops into my head.

Since I'm still getting back into my blogging groove, I'm not going to pressure myself to publish Tidbits on a strict schedule. As I said when I brought back our weekly menu plans, I'll try and add to the series as often as I can. I'm going to aim to share them on Fridays so you have something quick to read while you're counting the hours (or minutes) until you can leave the office. :)

So sit back, relax, and enjoy! And have a wonderful weekend!

  1. I recently rewatched this movie. The first time I saw it, I wasn't trying to balance having a career and having a family. Needless to say, it took every ounce of strength in me now to bawl like a baby during certain scenes.

  2. I'm slowly making our new house a home and using my bullet journal to keep track of the things we need to buy or the projects I'd like to tackle.

  3. I tried this mushroom recipe earlier this week and have been told to triple it next time.

  4. There's talk about banning single-use plastic bags in Connecticut (which I totally support). I may have to buy some more of my favorite nylon bags to make sure we're set for the bigger grocery trips.

  5. Has anyone signed their kids up for this baking class? It might be fun to arrange a class as a birthday party once my kids are old enough.

  6. I'm obsessed with this account on Instagram. Boop!

  7. I desperately need to replace my black riding boots. What do you guys think of these? Or maybe these? Which... are... totally out of my budget... even on sale...

  8. There's snow in the forecast for the weekend, so we'll be joining the hordes of people out there running errands on Saturday. Maybe I should pick up the ingredients for these cookies so I have something to bake in case we're snowed in.


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