A Letter to Our Daughter on Her 5th Birthday

A Letter to Our Daughter on Her 5th Birthday | Taste As You Go

It's here. Our sweet girl's fifth birthday.

It's hard to tell which member of our family was most excited about this special day. Obviously, the birthday girl couldn't wait for this day to get here... But her little brother was super stoked about her birthday, too. Or, at least, he expressed excitement about the cupcakes I baked for her class.

But then there's us, Mama and Daddy. Counting down the days until our four-year-old turned five. Five going on thirteen. Thirteen going on eighteen...

I haven't made a habit of doing this on the blog, but I thought that I'd recognize the day with an open letter to our girl.

Dear Bunny,

You turned five years old today. I remember the exact moment you were born. When the nurses handed you to me and laid you on my chest, my heart filled with so much love, I thought I'd burst. Our family was about to embark on an incredible journey together, and the idea scared me a little bit. I was nervous that I wouldn't be good enough, that I'd falter as a mother. But then you looked up at me and I stroked your unbelievably full head of hair. It was then that I promised you I would do my very best. At that moment, I forgave my future missteps and told myself that it wasn't going to be easy... But if you knew I loved you, we'd get through anything.

Every year, you grow into the person you're destined to be. Lately, you've been growing by leaps and bounds. I love watching you discover the world. And, even though it can get tiring at times, I love hearing you ask questions about everything. I love seeing your personality shine... Though, to be honest, I wouldn't mind having you be little forever.

But I didn't write this letter to list all the things you've done since you were born. This letter is to emphasize that there's so much more ahead of you. So many exciting things to learn about, to see. I want you to dream big things and to make big plans for your life. And above all else, I want you to know I love you more than you'll ever truly understand.

You have kindness at your core and are the most compassionate kid I know. If someone is hurting, you want them to feel better. If someone is sad, you want them to feel happy. If someone feels scared, you reach out to hold their hand. Your pure heart is one of the things I love most about you.

This is especially important as you get ready to head to kindergarten in the fall. You'll meet new people and face new challenges. Enjoy these moments, sweet girl. Daddy and I will be beside you every step of the way. We can't wait to keep seeing the world through your eyes and from your perspective. Blaze your trail and show everyone how far you can go when you keep kindness in your heart.

I love you. Every day. All day.



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