Orange Maple Cranberry Sauce

Orange Maple Cranberry Sauce | Taste As You Go

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My relationship with food and cooking has changed over the years. And, of course, that evolution has influenced the course and content of this blog.

At the heart of this blogging project was my love of food. Learning about different cultures and cuisines. Experimenting with new-to-me ingredients. Perfecting favorite dishes. Exploring local restaurants.

It all fascinated me, and writing about my experiences has brought so much joy over the years. As my kids have gotten older, my relationship with food has shifted again. We're well beyond the stage of making homemade baby food. I'm starting to pass my knowledge along to them. Not only am I showing them basic kitchen skills and techniques (thanks to tools like these)... but I am also telling them the stories behind our food.

It's more than fair to say that I show my love for my family through the food that I cook for them. And I've even gone so far as making food for them that I can't even eat.

Like this cranberry sauce. 

Fresh Cranberries | Taste As You Go

I'm allergic to cranberries... a fact I discovered years ago while trying to enjoy dessert when out with friends one night. 

So I've never added a dollop of it onto my plate next to the rest of my Thanksgiving dinner fare. And I've never added it to a sandwich stuffed with Thanksgiving leftovers.

But my husband loves cranberry sauce. And I love him. So I added it to the menu for the first Thanksgiving dinner I cooked at home. 

He's said, "She can't get within two feet of the stuff, but she makes it for me anyway. Find yourself a partner that will do that for you and you'll be in good shape."

Orange Maple Cranberry Sauce | Taste As You Go

It was such a hit, it's been on every Thanksgiving menu ever since!

Turns out, our daughter loves cranberry sauce just as much as my husband does... and she went spoonful for spoonful with him last November. 

I guess that means I should double the recipe this year so there will be enough to go around... 😉.

Now, don't feel as if you have to wait until Thanksgiving to make this. Since you can use fresh or frozen cranberries, you can really make this all year if you want!


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