What's for Dinner: September 26 - October 2

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I started writing this post this morning. I had hoped to have it finished before I took our daughter to a classmate's birthday party, but no such luck.

While we were on our way home from the party, I started thinking about everything else I had to get done. A stop at the grocery store. Make dinner. Finish the laundry. Prep the kids for Monday. 

Any hope of finish this post before making dinner fizzled away. And then I prioritized a quick 20-minute nap before going into the kitchen.

Every time I set out to write a blog post, a similar scene plays out. The desire to write is there and my intentions are good. But other things creep up and I tag them as more important, so blogging gets pushed down the list. This is why so many of my blog posts hit the internet late at night... and why so many of my recent posts are menu plans.

I used to get frustrated whenever this happened. But I'm starting to be at peace with it. My reasons for not blogging are almost always family-related... which means I'm putting them and my time with them first.

So while this post is on the later side, I know I'm doing something right... Like buying the kids' Halloween costumes with more than a month to spare.

(I'll take the wins where I can get them.)

If you're curious to see what's for dinner at our house this week, then keep reading!

A Week of Dinners: September 26 - October 2

  • SundaySalisbury Steak with Mushrooms, Buttered Egg Noodles with Parsley, and Steamed Peas

    Salisbury Steak with Mushrooms | Get the recipe on Taste As You Go!

  • Wednesday: Leftovers

  • Thursday: Annie's Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli

    My husband is traveling for work again, and I have a work event, too. So the kids get to live it up with boxed mac-and-cheese and a babysitter.

    Lucky kids!

  • Friday: Frozen Pizza

    Yep. I'm doing it again. And not ashamed about it one bit.

  • Saturday: Chicken Fingers, French Fries, and Roasted Baby Carrots

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

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