DIY Alphabet Wall Art for the Nursery

In one afternoon, you can create a personalized piece of alphabet wall art that would look great in a nursery, a playroom, or a child's bedroom!

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Our house is a bit of a mess right now. We're in the beginning stages of a multi-step project to reconfigure some of the rooms. By moving a bookcase out of the living room and rearranging some furniture, we made room in one of the nooks for my new desk.

I'm moving out of my home office upstairs so we can use the room for Caroline's new playroom. I haven't used my office since before she was born, and the room just became a dumping ground for random things. Now that I'm working full-time, it didn't make sense to waste that space anymore. We have a long way to go until we reach the finish line on this project, but it's a start.

Creating the playroom for Caroline reminded me of trying to plan the theme for her nursery. Although everyone thought we'd go with this one, no one theme stood out as the right theme. We ended up settling on a reading theme, and many of the accents in the room featured the alphabet.

After she was born, I saw this DIY alphabet wall art project on Instagram. I felt inspired to create something similar. Especially since we had frames leftover after hanging photos from her newborn photo shoot.

The project came together in no time and I love how it turned out! It'll only be a matter of time until we're reciting the alphabet with her while pointing at each of the letters.

To prove how easy it is to create your own alphabet wall art, I've put together this quick tutorial for you guys. I hope it inspires you to make some personalized pieces of your own!

DIY Alphabet Wall Art

Materials and Supplies

wood letters and numbers
acrylic paint
foam paintbrushes
picture frame
patterned paper


Step 1: Select your background paper (I used scrapbook paper) and your paint. I chose two colors -- coral for the letters and emerald for Caroline's initials and the numbers.

Step 2: Using a foam paintbrush (similar), paint your wooden letters and numbers (similar). Since Caroline's initials are in alphabetical order, I decided to make them stand out more by using the same paint as the numbers. Plus, this personalized the piece and made it even more special!

Step 3: Set aside the letters and numbers to dry. Meanwhile, cut your background paper to fit your picture frame. I had to use two pieces of scrapbook paper and tape them together to get the right size.

Step 4: Once the letters are dry, position them on the paper to figure out your layout and spacing.

Step 5: Once you're happy with the layout, glue the letters to the paper.

Step 6: Insert the paper into the frame and you're done!

Cute, right??

Do you guys like to DIY? What types of projects have you made for your home? Let me know in the comments below!


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