What's for Dinner: May 8 - May 14

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Between work events and Mother's Day, it's been a busy few days. Exhausting days. In fact, I was so tired when I got home from yesterday's event that I crawled right into bed for a nap.

Without planning it, I gave my husband and kids a window to finish up their Mother's Day surprises for me.

They did such a wonderful job making me feel loved and appreciated. I'm grateful for each of them and for the joy they bring to my life. It's such an honor being theirs.

Being spoiled today meant I didn't have to worry about cooking dinner... which is why this is coming to you so late. To be honest, I was going to skip this week's post altogether because there's a LOT of other stuff going on. Especially with my husband out of town all week.

(Yes, he had to bounce after dinner tonight to make the drive.)

But keeping up the weekly plans helps ground me for the rest of the week. So... without further ado, here's what's on deck for dinner at our house this week!

A Week of Dinners: May 8 - May 14

  • Sunday: Mother's Day

    My family made a delicious dinner of salmon, fresh green beans, and rice pilaf... without cupcakes for dessert.

    They're just the cutest.

  • Monday: Leftovers OR Linguine with Marinara Sauce and Green Salad 

    I had something different planned for dinner on Monday when I first wrote this post. But after surveying the food situation in the refrigerator, it didn't make sense to make new food before we went after the leftovers.

  • Tuesday: Leftovers OR Linguine with Marinara Sauce and Green Salad

    I think we have enough leftovers for two nights, especially since my husband is traveling. If not, I'll make pasta and marinara sauce... Something super simple.

  • Wednesday: Michelle's Birthday / Dinner Out or Take-Out Take-Out

  • Thursday: Cheddar Pierogies and Grilled Kielbasa with Apple Slices

  • Friday: Frozen Pizza & Movie Night

    Oh, yes. The kids are already looking forward to this.

  • Saturday: Fish Sticks with Tater Tots and Peas and Carrots

What do you have planned for dinner at your house this week?

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