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It's here. 

The weekend before my 40th birthday. 

I should be giddy with excitement... planning a huge celebration with family and friends. But that's not in the cards this year. It's going to be a quiet affair.

Any other year? No problem. 

I'm not normally someone who likes to go all out for a birthday. But this year was going to be different. I mean, I challenged myself with my 40 Before 40 list in anticipation of this milestone, for goodness sake! 

I was ready to make a big deal. 

And now? I'm feeling pretty meh about it. Then again, it's Day 56 of our quarantine and I'm feeling pretty meh about most things. 

Thankfully, my family has already started spoiling me... and we're planning back-to-back take-out nights so I can have a break from cooking dinner. But the big catered party with tons of people at the house will have to wait.

Maybe next year...

Before we roll into the weekend, here's a new batch of Tidbits for you to read at your leisure.


  1. Thanks to this app, I've started budgeting 10-15 minutes per day for fitness. It's been working wonders for my mood. 

  2. Speaking of apps, I read about this one in this article. I'm considering using it to keep track of what's in our pantry so I can continue effectively using what we already have to create meals.

  3. I recently finished reading this book, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

  4. Parents... have you noticed your kids exhibiting signs of stress? This post may help you help them manage it better.

  5. Do you hate cleaning your cast iron skillet as much as my husband does? Buy yourself one of these. You can thank me later.

  6. It's supposed to be super cold today... With a threat of snow. So I'll be starting our herb garden inside with these.

  7. Anyone still hanging in there with homeschooling their preschoolers? We've enjoyed watching some of these videos. Our 5yo especially got a kick out of this video about the bug that poops candy.

  8. When we're not watching those, we're making our way through this series about searching the galaxy to solve problems with art. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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