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Happy Friday, everyone!

Before I unplug and attempt to get some real rest, here's my latest Tidbits post. If you have a spare minute this weekend, I hope you give it a read!

  1. With the recent demise of our money tree plant, I'm looking to get some new plants for our house... specifically for our bedroom. Since I'm still a rookie plant mama, I'm going to have to consult this list before buying anything. 

  2. Do decluttering lists like this one motivate you or overwhelm you?

  3. I know I don't really need another Dudley Stephens fleece, but I just couldn't resist this one for Valentine's Day. To say that I'm obsessed with the billowed sleeves is an understatement.

    PS. Want to save some cash on your first Dudley Stephen order? Use my link for $25 off!

  4. When I outlined my 40 Before 40 list, I made hiring a financial planner a priority in the year leading up to my 40th birthday. Having someone help me achieve my financial goals has made a huge difference. If you're not quite at the point where you're ready to work with a financial planner, this personal finance calendar is a great resource if you want guidance. 

  5. This glossary of cooking terms is causing flashbacks to the vocabulary quizzes I took in my middle school home economics classes.

  6. I'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking, and I love this list of daily affirmations for kids.

PS. If you missed my last Tidbits post, you may have missed the news about my partnership with Macy's Wine Shop. If you like wine, then you should consider taking advantage of this offer for a FREE 3-bottle box of wine. All you pay is shipping and processing! (Must be 21+.)


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