Menu Plan: May 21 - May 27 {and a Request for Advice}

Looking for dinner inspiration? Here's what I've planned for dinner at our house this week!

I'm noticing a pattern. No matter my intentions at the beginning of the week, it's inevitable... I end the week feeling like I got nothing done. Actually, most of the time, it feels like I've taken five steps backward and I'm even more in the hole.

I thought this was a phase. Something I fell into when I went back to work last summer. When I thought I had crawled my way out of it, we found out we were having another baby, and there I was... Right back into feeling frustrated.

I know I've talked about this before. I've even apologized for not blogging more often. But it's clear that my attempts at breaking this cycle have not been successful. Despite my desire to find the motivation to blog on a regular basis, I'm left scraping the bottom of that barrel... adding yet another excuse to the list of reasons why my blog is limping along.

To my fellow bloggers... Have you found yourself feeling this way after a major life change? How did you keep going on your blog?

To my readers... How have you coped with wanting to do something you love only to find obstacles blocking your way?

At this point, I'll take all the advice I can get. I don't want to give up blogging. Deep down, I do love it. But I've lost my way and I need your help. In the meantime,  why don't you guys check out our menu plan for the week?

At least I'm still doing that, right?

Menu Plan: May 21 - May 27


Pasta with Spinach Pecan Pesto Sauce and Fresh Mozzarella




Stephen's Choice



Pizza with Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions


Leftovers / Take-Out

If you still need some dinner inspiration, then don't forget to follow my special Meals from the Menu Plan Pinterest board.

What's for dinner at YOUR house this week? 

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