Menu Plan: June 18 - June 25

Looking for dinner inspiration? Here's what I've planned for dinner at our house this week!

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I'm sure every parent of a toddler has uttered the following at least once -- "He/she is very good at being two." I can recall single conversations during which I've said that very thing more than once. And, while I love watching Caroline during this stage of her life... There are days when it's impossible to keep up with her.

One minute she's sweet and helpful and inquisitive and too adorable for words. The next, she's a terror and combative and inconsolable. When it seems as if she's reached the point of no return, someone flips an invisible switch. Then, as if by miracle, our angel reappears... usually with no inkling about what made her so upset in the first place.

Exhausting, to say the least.

Take the scene depicted here in this photo. It started out innocently enough. She set cups, saucers, and her favorite teapot on the ottoman to have a tea party with me and the dog. Then, she carefully balanced each slice of cake on my baby bump to share with her baby brother.


As I was telling her how proud I was of her for sharing, she snapped. She started throwing each piece of cake across the room and screaming at Monty to go to his crate in the kitchen. When I tried asking her to tell me about her feelings, she let go of the demons... Then she said "I sorry, Mama" before coming over to give my bump a hug and kiss. I never did figure out what caused the shifts in her mood or demeanor.

You've guys experienced similar situations, right?!? What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a moment like that? How do you keep your sanity from leaving the building?

Stephen and I are trying to figure out how best to keep up with Caroline's mood swings. While we do that, why don't you check out our menu plan for the week and see what's on deck for dinner at our house.

Menu Plan: June 18 - June 25




Taco Tuesday: Ground Beef Tacos with Homemade Taco Seasoning




Fish Sticks, Tater Tots, and Steamed Carrots


Pizza Night: Take-Out Pizza


Rotini with Marinara Sauce and Basic Baked Meatballs

What's for dinner at YOUR house this week?

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