Personalize Your Space with Modern Map Art

Turn your favorite cities and places into beautiful works of art with Modern Map Art.

I received a print from Modern Map Art at no cost to me. I did not accept monetary compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Ever since I relocated to Pennsylvania from New York, I've been somewhat hesitant to hang art of any kind on our walls. A part of me didn't want to decorate a home that was more his than ours. Another part didn't know how to choose what type of art to buy... especially given that our tastes are generally different.

I thought I solved the problem when we ordered wedding photos. But those came down when we had the living room walls repainted and then we never put them back up. (Neither one of us wanted to put holes in the fresh paint.)

Eventually, I abandoned the idea of hanging art and focused on decorating other spaces. Like my office nook (here and here). Or the ladder bookshelf purchased after we downgraded from our bulky bookcase. Adding accents to the smaller spaces felt manageable and didn't induce stress. But the empty walls started mocking me... They were screaming for a pop of color.

Out of curiosity, I began browsing for prints online but didn't see anything that spoke to me. And nothing did until I started weeding through the emails I had received when I was in the hospital.

While catching up on blog correspondence, I found a message from Jennifer Beck of Modern Map Art. She generously offered to send my choice of a print in exchange for my thoughts about their website and their city prints. I was all ready to select the Bethlehem Street Map Poster to pay homage to our current city, but something drew me to their selection of skyline prints.

It was Boston. When I saw the Boston Skyline Art Print, I fell in love right away.

The print depicted the skyline of my favorite city in a modern way that I knew would appeal to Stephen, plus it had that vibrant pop of color that we needed in the living room.

And do you see how the colors of my Modern Map Art print coordinate with the flowers in the vase on my desk? Totally meant to be. Every time I look at it, I smile. Boston started out as my city, but over the years, the city became a special place for us as a couple. I love having such a unique reminder of those trips.

If you're looking for a creative way to remember the places that are special in your life, then I highly recommend checking out the map prints on Modern Map Art. The selection of available map prints is surprisingly extensive, and if you can't find the county or city you're looking for, then you can create a custom map print.

Seriously... I can't wait until I can begin showing the kids why Boston is my favorite place.

For now, this will do. :)


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